Kate's THIRD Birthday Party: COVID Style

19 November 2020

 My baby girl turned THREE in September and it's kind of hard to believe she's three years old AND it's hard to imagine a time before her. She's so lovable and just looking at these pictures I want to squeeze her!! 

Guest Bath UPGRADE: $80 Makeover

25 October 2020

I still can't believe how much different this bathroom looks. I am amazed at how it turned out and I catch myself staring at it and patting myself on the back. This bathroom has always been one of my least favorite things about our house. I've always wanted to do something here and I'm so glad I finally took that leap! 

Back 2 School 2020

26 September 2020

When I say "Back to School," it feels kind of funny because we really didn't have a summer off. Daycare world is more like 3 days off and then new class. But regardless, it coincides with the start of school for school-aged kids soooooo let's do it. 

Toddler Recipe: Zucchini Muffins

25 September 2020

I saw these muffins posted on instagram a few weeks ago and knew we had to try them! First reason being we got new silicone muffin liners that Kate is obsessed with. The next is they include chocolate chips so I knew they would be a hit! 

Room Updates: Kate & Emily

24 September 2020

Hello! We've made a few updates to the girls rooms since I last posted so I wanted to make an update post. It's funny how quick the girls grow and they are just took big for some of the things we placed even a few months ago. Personally, I love it because I get an opportunity to switch things around and redesign! 

Trip to NWA

23 September 2020

We had planned to take a trip to northwest Arkansas the weekend all the COVID madness hit. We were going to visit my grandparents, my brother-in-law and our friends Scott and Holly. Then schools closed and everything went mad, so we decided it was best to postpone until April. Well we all know that never happened. 

Labor Day Weekend 2020

22 September 2020

We spent our Labor Day weekend at the lake, relaxing and enjoying some time on the water. The Friday evening we arrived at DeGray, a crazy rainstorm moved in quickly. It left the most beautiful rainbow and chilled air. I love the picture of Emily checking it out above. 

Kate turns THREE!

21 September 2020

My biggest little girl turned THREE last week! While the time has seemed so slow at times, it's also felt like she just joined our family yesterday. She's the sweetest little girl and she keeps us laughing all the time! 

Toddler Recipe: Blueberry Donuts

17 September 2020

If you've been around for even a minute, you've probably learned that my oldest loves to bake with mama! We usually do this on the weekends during little sisters morning nap. Hanging on to that nap as long as we can!! 

Cocktail: Topo Marg

11 August 2020

Seems like all I'm posting these days is toddler recipes and cocktails. Tis life. This one is super simple and we're probably super late to the game on the Top Chico life but oh well! 

Toddler Recipe: Veggie Pasta

05 August 2020

You can see this pasta has veggies in it but what you can't see is the hidden protein punch this pasta has in it. Those noddles are chickpea noodles! Plus peas and carrots. So I'm considering this one a win. Plus, Emmy eats it and loves it! Win-win! 

Our Bedroom Finally Has Something In It.

04 August 2020

When we moved into our house back in 2016,  Brian always told me how much he liked our room and the "minimalist" look. I just thought this is what a room look likes before any decor is moved in. But after that comment, I didn't really feel the need to focus much on it. 

Bartender BJ: Rum Edition

03 August 2020

When we honeymooned in Jamaica, we became big fans of the Appleton Estates Jamaican Rum. Every time we go to the liquor store and see if we talk about how great it was and the memories attached, and uh.. the jingle we made up about it and still sing. 

Toddler Recipe: Butternut Squash Pasta

28 July 2020

Emmy is really loving pasta! Which I've never been able to get Kate to eat. I don't want to keep feeding her mac and cheese or something similar so I've been on the hunt to find/make my own recipes. This is my second shot and she's LOVING it! 

Toddler Recipe: Pumpkin Muffins

27 July 2020

Another day, another toddler muffin recipe. Kate is really into helping me cook/bake/anything that requires her to stand on her stool and help mom, really. So we made new muffins during one of Emmy's naps last weekend. And they smelled amazing! 

Legitimately Good Tuna.

25 July 2020

This photo doesn't look like much. But trust me. This was so delicious. So full of flavor. We're already planning on having it again. Like, next week. 

Funfetti Cookies: Toddler Super Approved

21 July 2020

Kate was in a mood on Sunday. I don't know what was wrong. Probably just the simple fact that she's a 2 year old. She wanted to watch Frozen. No Frozen 2. No Moana. No Frozen 2. No maybe Moana. Two minutes in, no I don't want dis. 

Crispy Skin Pan Salmon

17 July 2020

Hello! Back with another Salmon recipe. We've really been killing it when it comes to fish this summer. And it's all been so good. And generally... so easy. The simplicity of some dishes is my fav here. 

Toddler Learning Tower

15 July 2020

I am so so SO so slow in putting this post together. I had the materials for this forever. And then I finally built it the day after Christmas last year. We tried it out with Kate and then it was used, unfinished for months. 

Toddler Spinach Pasta

14 July 2020

Emmy has been a funny girl when it comes to food. She refused food for almost the first year of her life. Loved her bottle and milk and seriously gagged herself on everything! Then she developed a couple food allergies and I was just scared to give her anything. 

I'm workin in my office.

12 July 2020

Hello! I'm back with another fun project that I've been working on at our house. The girls "office!"

When we started working from home in late March, Kate was very interested in our shared office. She told us numerous times that she needed an office. Which got us thinking... what in the world are we going to do with their play area?

You look like the 4th of July.

07 July 2020

My favorite line in Legally Blonde! I try to use it every 4th of July. But this year, it was perfect for the picture above. Kate screams the fourth! She really loves making cupcakes and often tells us that they are her very favorite. She even made an egg-free version so her sister could enjoy! 

Cocktail: Blackberry Bramble

30 June 2020

I'm a big fan of gin.. and blackberries... and Lost Forty's Blackberry Bramble beer. So rewind to a couple weeks ago when I was flipping through our handy BAR BOOK to find a new recipe. I saw one in the gin section called "Bramble." Which caught my eye. 

Lamb Burgers. Make this TODAY.

28 June 2020

This lamb burger was amazing. It was so good, we turned around and made these about a week after the first cook. So much flavor, quick and so easy. Do yourself a favor and just make this!! 

The Perfect Little White House

If you've followed this blog at all, you know I'm an avid Pinterest browser. One day I saw a little white playhouse and fell in love. I knew it was my next project. I read blog post after blog post of how people transformed their plastic and wooden kiddo playhouses into adorable places to play. 

Happy 1st Birthday, Emmy!!

26 June 2020

Happy FIRST birthday to our sweet Emily!! Pre-COVID, I planned to have Emily a sunshine themed 1st Birthday (it seemed very fitting!) but had to table that idea until the world gets back to normal again. We did not miss the opportunity to celebrate our favorite one year old. We celebrated at home with lots of fun and funfetti! 

My Birthday at the Lake

25 June 2020

We took a quick trip to the lake for my birthday back in May. We usually always plan to go to Lake DeGray for my birthday but is tends to always rain! We were so back and forth on whether we should go because there was rain in the forecast. I'm so glad we ended up taking the risk because the weather ended up perfect! 

Toddler Egg Free Banana Muffins

24 June 2020

We found out right before Emily's 1st birthday that she has an egg allergy. Actually after some testing, egg and peanut. Eek! We go for more testing in September and I'm so anxious to find out more. Until then, we're obviously avoiding all egg and nut. 

As she's eating more and more "real" food, I'm having to find alternatives when baking. A few weeks back, I had some very, very ripe bananas and hated to throw them out. I know a lot of people sub bananas for egg so I search for a recipe. 

Emily - 12 Months

23 June 2020

Emily is ONE!! I can't believe her first year has flown by so fast, yet so slow, yet so stinkin fast. This baby girl is so precious and sweet. And so happy. I was flipping back through pictures of her first year and was so amazed at how happy she was in almost all of them! She has been a joy and SO fun to watch grow. 

Trader Joe's Wonton Soup + Dumplings

16 June 2020

I am so happy I found this recipe. SO HAPPY. It's so delicious and so quick to make. I found it minutes before I made a Trader Joe's run a couple months ago, grabbed all the goods, and threw this together for a quick lunch. It was flavorful, filling, and really excellent. 

Emily - 11 Months

30 April 2020

Emmy girl-- I can 't believe you will be ONE next month! Time has flown! We've been home together for the past month-- really more. And it's been so fun to watch you grow and learn. And even WALK! You started walking for the first time on April 20th. You tried a few times in the week leading up. You are so confident and precious. 

Chicken Noodle Soup With a Soda on the Side

29 April 2020

There are so many ways to cook chicken noodle soup. And I've tried a handful of them. All have been good BUT this one is the very best. It's a marathon guys but the flavor is so worth it. 

Carne Asada

28 April 2020

Y'all. This was SO GOOD. We've made it about 4 times now and love it a little more each time. I'd include the recipe like I usually do.. but Rick's recipes are super confusing and he includes all this other stuff to make with it AND i'm far too lazy to interpret all of this and type it. SOO... like I've said one million times on here, you need THIS COOKBOOK.

Emmy Johnston - 10 Months

Happy 10 months to our sweet little babe! Emily is the happiest little girl and always smiling or laughing. She won't sit still, ever. I'm shocked she actually sleeps because she's always so BUSY. 

Emily - Month 9

27 April 2020

The older she gets, the more she moves, and the worse our photo shoots go! But she's still just a precious! Even if she won't look at the camera and likes to eat the cards. :)

Emily Rhea - Month 8

08 April 2020

Sweet Emily. You are so full of life and your little personality develops so much more each day. You are so stinking happy and you laugh all. the. time. Eight months have flown by and we are so happy we get to spend our days with you. 

Beef Mustard and Cognac Stew

07 April 2020

We made this dijon mustard and cognac beef stew a couple months ago when it was still cool out. It was so hearty. And beefy. And rich.. and good. It made plenty, so be ready for leftovers!

Grilled Lime Butter Salmon

03 April 2020

We've been very into salmon lately. It helps that there is plenty in the grocery store right now (hello COVID19) not sure why you crazy people aren't eating salmon. But oh well, more for us! We found this recipe a couple weeks ago and it was excellent!

Valentine's for our Friends

02 April 2020

 To follow up with my last Valentine's Day post, I figured I would post the girls little gifts they handed out to their friends. I love putting these together and finding cute little ideas for holiday school treats. Really, really LOVED these this year! 

Best Babes - Valentine's Day 2020

01 April 2020

The girls did not care to participate in posed pictures... story of my life right now. But I was able to grab a couple when they got home school. It's a miracle that no one pooped (looking at you Emily!) on their clothes. Allllll that to say, these BEST BABES had a really Happy Valentines! 

Thai Basil Stir Fry

25 March 2020

I've shared this recipe before- a couple years ago- but it's so good that I think it's time to post again. We make this at least once a month. It's quick, easy and so delish. 

Grilled Pesto Salmon + Veggies

24 March 2020

YUM. We are officially back on the salmon wagon. We hop on and off and every time we get off, we never know why it's been so long! This recipe is adapted from a super old one that I KIND OF made up. I guarantee you we will be incorporating this in the mix a lot over the summer! It's so fresh, light and packed full of flavor. 

Ash Wednesday

23 March 2020

I'm so behind on my blog posts. So everything I post from here on our will probably be so out of order. I have like 2 months to catch up on. And since I could use a little relief from talking/hearing/reading about COVID-19 24/7, I think I'll take a breather so write about my sweet girls, family and delish recipes I've tried recently. 

Homemade Chicken Caesar Salad

11 February 2020

We started making homemade caesar dressing a few months back and now we can't stop. It's so good. And the salad just makes the perfect, delicious meal. I finally watched Brian every step of the way so I could blog the recipe. Usually I'm in the chicken cook so I never really knew what was going on! We even took step-by-step pictures. 

Emily - Month 7

06 February 2020

I'm going to count this as a major mom win-- especially with the 2nd baby-- but this is the first (and only) month I didn't take Emily's monthly picture. I just forgot on the 22nd. And then remembered on the 24th and planned to take it and then I forgot again. So instead this month, your preview picture is going to be the one above of our sweet little girls face, in her adorable little kitty hat. I seriously love this picture of our babe. 

Emily's Baptism

03 February 2020

We baptized our sweet, precious Emily Rhea on the second Sunday of January. It was such a wonderful day shared with family and friends. We love this little girl to the moon and back!! 

New York - The Things

02 February 2020

Welcome to New York! We had such a great long weekend in NYC a couple months ago. This was our first trip sans babies and it was a lot of fun hanging out together. Our trip was way more relaxing than the last trip we took to the big city. I already posted my blog on all the amazing food we ate and now I'm back to talk about everything else. 

Christmas in Wynne 2019

01 February 2020

I'm back with Christmas Part II. We left El Dorado, stopped in Little Rock for about 15 minutes to drop, pick-up, re-pack and head out. We had a blast in Wynne with Brian's whole family. We ate lots of good food and had some quality time together. 

Hale Christmas 2019

31 January 2020

I was working on a post from Emily's baptism and realized that I never posted about Christmas! And we took so many pictures and had so much fun! Kate really was in to Christmas this year which made it that much more fun! And we learned that Emily is real go-getter and LOVES opening presents!! 

Charcuterie Board

30 January 2020

I LOVE Charcuterie. Brian and I often make boards for lunch on the weekends. When we were younger, AKA had no kids, we'd do it more often. In the past few years, boards have really taken off. We order them when we go out and always love the meats and cheeses and extras. 

So this year at Johnston Christmas, they planned to have charcuterie for a meal. My mother in law bought all the meat and cheese from Costco and they had so much meat. and so much cheese. I dreamed of putting it together as pretty as possible and tried my very hardest. My first attempt! I have aspirations to try again really soon :) 
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