27 July 2012

I can't believe I didn't post about my two fabulous vacations this summer! They were fabulous! I felt like I vacationed the whole month of May and it was amazing :) 

The first week of May- Sydney, Linsey and I flew to Miami and spent some time there before we cruised to the Bahamas! 

This was the first night when we got to Miami. We stayed on the beach but walked down to Lincoln Road where there is a lot of shopping. It's pretty neat because a few blocks down they block off the road to vehicles. We were craving sushi so we stopped at a place called Sushi Samba (come to find out is big in NY, Chicago, London and Las Vegas) We couldn't understand ANYTHING on the menu so took a shot in the dark and ordered. I'd take Sushi Cafe any day :) But I did order a cucumber martini and it was delish! 

The next day we walked more than I have ever walked before in my life! First we walked down to Lincoln Road until we hit Washington Avenue. (thats where Dash Miami is) Come to find out, nothing opens until 11. I'ts like 9. This was was disgusting, Miami was so dirty! Finally we made our way down to Ocean Ave (Jersery shore house) and ate an awful, overpriced meal. We saw Miami Ink and made our way back to DASH to see if Khloe or Kourtney would be there... sadly, they weren't and the store was a major left down. 

Pulling out of Miami, headed for the Bahamas!! (dying to get out of Miami by this point)

HELLLLO Atlantis!! Atlantis was so much fun! You seriously need like a week here to see everything it has to offer! We layed out for a little while before we realized it was time to explore. We went and rode around the lazy river, which is AMAZING! There are rapids, some calm time and all sorts of pretty sites. Then we did some slides, one even took you through glass walls in a pool of sharks. So cool! We had lunch on the grounds and then had a nice nap/lay out session after lunch. It was hard to leave! 

This is a picture as we were walking through "the dig at Atlantis" (marine exhibits that take you through the streets and tunnels of sunken ruins)

We decided to leave the resort and go to the beach. Bad idea. Sales ladies were so rude to us and I think someone was trying to see us drugs. We took this quick picture and pretty much sprinted back to Atlantis. 

Could you not get so use to this?! I could!! 

The next day-- here we are in Coco Cay, Bahamas. Private island that was absolutely gorgeous! The water was the most clear, beautiful water I have ever seen in my life! We layed on the beach all day and sipped on frozen beverages and for a minute I felt like I was in heaven. It was a great day. 

Syd and I got adventerous and climbed out on the rocks.. we actually got a different picture out in the water on rocks... we were quickly pulled back to land by workers.. not happy with us. 

Back on the boat we got ready for dinner, "formal night."

So i learned that formal night was also "finish that song" night in the club! I was thrilled! This is something I've been training for my whole entire life. I can sing almost every word of every song ever. It's just a talent. I've always wanted to go on "the singing bee" or a show of that nature. (side note- i did get an audition with the singing bee in nashville but was unable to make it) Anyway, I jumped up and was the 7th person in line, but I decided why don't I stand in between these two guys already up here... making me the 6th. So they start the game, NO ONE knows their songs.. I know every single one. So, the guy before me goes... Seriously, it's Wannabe by the Spice Girls.. i start singing like it's mine! Every song is a "white girl classic" and I only say this because I was the only white girl in the competition. So here comes my song, the emcee starts laughing and says.. "you get marvin gaye.." I'm thinking YES!! "let's get it on" I can totally do this!... NO. I heard it through the grapevine. I've NEVER heard that line in the song they played for me in my life. My dad would have been ashamed at this exact moment. I have listened to this song my whole life and failed. I lost. Wanna know something else? I knew every single word to songs 7, 8, 9 and 10! Such sadness. 

Anyway, the next morning we woke up in Key West! I was totally excited about this stop. We walked all over Key West. Shopped some, they had great shopping! Ate some lunch at Margaritaville and then made the trek down to the Southernmost Point in the USA! It was so cool. I was totally excited. I saw the first mile marker, learned what a banyan tree is (AWESOME) and just took in all this cute town had to offer... especially.... 

Dipped Key Lime Pie!! TO DIE!!! Best thing I have ever had. Hands down. 

So precious. 

And then our last night came. And I was ready to get home. We flew from Miami to Dallas and then drove home to Little Rock and it wasn't fun. There were storms, and flight delays and serious fatigue. Love vacation, hate the travel home. 

SO... moving on to Vacay #2! Over Memorial Day weekend I went to Destin with the Johnston family. Brian came down to El Dorado and left from here and met his family in Jackson. We stayed the first night in Pensacola and then went the next morning to pick up David from the airport. Here's a pic from the first night on the beach.. 

Brian, Dallas and I- Pensacola, FL

This was our first night in Destin. We had a delicious dinner every night, the boys played football on the beach, we went crabbing, watched a wedding right next door and got lots of relaxing done under the sun! i LOVE the beach! 

Lots of sun! 

Our last night on the beach. We walked from the park to the Bach Porch Grill.. beautiful walk!! 

Heading back to Arkansas. Last morning. 

i LOVE vacation and spending time with loved ones and friends. Can't wait til the next :) 

XOXO, arh

I'm in LOVE!!!!

20 July 2012

...with Hayden Elizabeth Garner!! Y'all she is 7 pounds and 7 ounces of pure perfection!!! My best friend Whitney gave birth to her first child this week and honestly, it's kind of all I've been thinking about! Whit text me about noon on Tuesday and said she was headed to labor and delivery. You better bet as soon as I finished word I drove as fast as I could to Conway. Luckily, I had packed a bag because I had a feeling Hayden was going to come early. 

I want to share some pics.. this child is precious and I am dying to get back to Conway to visit my new love :)

We actually had dinner last Saturday night and I took this picture! 38 weeks and ready to POP!! 

Mom and Hayden

Minutes after this sweetness was born! 

Y'all... this is perfection. I'm completely in love with this sweet face.

Slowly but surely....

18 July 2012

I have completely fallen off my pinterest bandwagon... I can't make any excuses! I started the 4th of July week of strong and here I am... two weeks later with only 2 completed projects to show you! Honestly... I just needed a break~ I have been so busy and it's been nice to just go home after work and not think about pinterest. I am only 4 short but I WILL finish!! (I've actually done some small pins but I want my last 4 to blow you away :) SOOO.. I'll share with you what I have finished. 

Day 26- 4th of July Cake
Sadness is all I felt as I realized I forgot to buy red, white, and blue sprinkles... and the store was 7 miles away SOO.. you make do. But how cute is this? And it really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It was a white cake mix and then a lot of food coloring. VERY festive and pretty yummmm :) 

Day 27- Wooden Monogram
I made this for a razorback shower we went to last weekend :) I originally was going to make it as a wedding gift and copy the example I found on pinterest. But then the razorback shower came up (and these two LOVE all things razorback) so I figured.. how perfect!! The hardest part was finding old wood because I wanted to to be kind of rugged.. then I had to build a frame on the back.. paint it and there ya go! I wish I would have picked a different font for the "Huffman" but it's okay :) 

So that's all I have! Hopefully next week I can complete the project. A couple ideas I had kind of fell through sooo.. ya know, that's life! I'll come up with 2 to replace and show you soon! 

sweet baby d....

10 July 2012

Wanted to share this canvas I painted over the 4th of July break. When I posted the canvas I did for Whitney, my friend Priscilla asked for a boy version for her new baby, Derek. It's soo hard to paint for boys (in my opinion) but I tried my best. I think it will look precious in his blue, green and yellow colorful room :) 

Happy 4th!!

09 July 2012

Hope everyone had a fabulous 4th! I was slightly depressed when I found out the 4th fell on a Wednesday... seriously?! We got Wednesday off (usually I love being a federal employee but this time I just wanted more!!) I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off. Brian got the whole week off because he has an amazing dream job that people like me would die for :) ANYWAY, we spent the majority of the week with my family at the lake and I dedicated a full day to crafting. Very hotttt but the weather was amazing at night for fabulous boat rides, i LOVE! 

So.. I guess I'll share some pics. Don't laugh... the flag shirts were a joke by my parents. However, everyone participated and wore them long enough to take a few pics :) 

Playing baggo with Josh and Clark. Next time I will not be partners with Clark.. he totally lost the game for us! PS. don't you love the lanterns I hung in the trees?!

The kids at dinner, pizza night

Brian and I, patriotic pride!

We were all good sports. My parents are losing their minds in their old age, I KID!!!! It was funny.  
 So... that was my week/weekend. I should be back soon with some more pinterest projects. Hopefully I can wrap them all up this week. BTW... do you see the "EAT" letters I made in week one in the pic above?? :) LOVE. XOXO 

Week 4 Wrap.... Almost finished!

03 July 2012

I'm winding down on the Pinterest challenge.. over half way there! These last few are going to take some more time cause I want them to be amazing!! I already posted 3 of my projects from this past week (below). so here are the rest.... And by the way, the next 4 projects are only food. So they are a little boring.. but next week... I promise to not disappoint :) 

Day 22- Star-Spangled Pie
This was pretty good... nothing like the peanut butter pie that I have come to love sooo much! But it was cute and festive and I do love those rainbow cookies! And this is super easy

Day 23- Southwestern Corn Dip
YUM!! Made this at the lake this weekend and it was a hit! (I'm not very good at taking pictures of food) It was even a little better the next day after it thickened up a bit. I added an extra jalapeno because Brian likes the heat BUT it was little too much.  

Day 24- Summer Pasta 
Top 5 favorite thing in my life='s pasta salad!! I'm not going to lie though, this wasn't my favorite. I'm so in to the pasta, Italian dressing, some broccoli, bell peppers, salt, pepper... doesn't have to be fancy. This was good but not amazing. I do LOVE lemon juice and I think that made this dish. 

Day 25- Cookie Dough Popsicle 

*Please do not judge me but I can not get this to rotate for the life of me!! These were super easy to make but the result was not as yum. Even looking at this makes me not happy. It tasted like frozen milk and not like a sweet should. I mean, I get it.. it's made out of milk but I guess I expected a different result. THUMBS DOWN.

I also did one other project I found on pinterest this week.. but I don't want to add a number to it because it was kind of lame. I do want to share it though because it works!! It's the pit stain removal project. You can find it HERE... AND this is magic!! It was easy! It only takes 3 ingredients ~ dawn, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. SO, so easy! 

UPDATE* on the teeth whitening, my dental hygienist friend Morgan, who I am halfway responsible for her passing DH school (since I quizzed her on the dorsal, ventral-whatever everything) told me that the baking soda, toothpaste mixture isn't going to give me any kind of long term results

That's a wrap on Week 4! I'm excited to finish the rest of my projects, I've already got the last 6 lined out and I'm anxious to finish them and post about them! You are going to LOVE!!!! They are all super crafty :) 

Hope everyone has a happy and very safe 4th! Drink lots of water and don't text and drive :) LOVE, XOXO! 

Arty Crafty

02 July 2012

Wanted to share a few things I painted a while back... These are the only ones that made the move to my small little apartment :) Simple but so cute! 
And I plan on updating my pinterest project tomorrow... I'm slacking a little but MAYBE i can make some of it up tonight. Until then.... hollla! 
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