Carne Asada

28 April 2020

Y'all. This was SO GOOD. We've made it about 4 times now and love it a little more each time. I'd include the recipe like I usually do.. but Rick's recipes are super confusing and he includes all this other stuff to make with it AND i'm far too lazy to interpret all of this and type it. SOO... like I've said one million times on here, you need THIS COOKBOOK.

We get our beef at the Mexican Superstore in WLR. It's so much better than anything you buy at the grocery store. It's thin and tender and perfect.

We like to cook this with homemade salsa also from Rick's cookbook. We've made these as tacos and then served the leftovers over cilantro-lime rice as bowls. It's the perfect meal and leftovers!   

Kate loves helping making the guacamole! She would eat it for a little while but she's now moved on to more carbs. At least she'll smash the garlic for me :) 

It's really super simple and SUPER flavorful. If you really want the recipe, just text me and I'll shoot you a picture ;) 

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