Fall Family Pictures 2024

05 April 2024

Last year we had our family pictures at our house. And I love them so much! For so many reasons. When we lost our home last year, I wanted a painting done of it to keep forever. I didn't have a single picture of the way it was. I immediately wanted to have photos taken in our new space that has become so special to us. I was so happy that our favorite photographer agreed! I also thought it would be so perfect for a cute, "new home for the holidays," or "decking new halls" card. Turns out..  I didn't do either! But I will love and cherish these photos forever! 

King Cake

04 April 2024

Made my first King Cake-- for no other reason than I wanted to try it. It was good. I definitely had some feedback for myself for next year. It still tasted yum and was really simple. And next time I'll plan better and have a baby. I had to steal a little Encanto man from the girls :) 

Super Bowl 2024

03 April 2024

We watched the superbowl with friends this year and the host made these fun koozies! I love that it turned more into a Taylor Swift and Usher watch party than a football game! 

Valentines Day 2024

02 April 2024

Somehow this day has become so fun with kids. They love it! The candy, the parties, the pink! I love how excited they get to have little treats from their friends. And to make special cards for their classes. 

School Valentines for the Girls

01 April 2024

I really love craft projects for the girls. And I really love the ones for Valentines Day! This year I kept it kind of simple but saw this cute idea and loved the little tape. So I made a little card on Canva, ordered bubbles on Amazon and also grabbed this cute little tape assortment! Easy and cute :) 


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