You look like the 4th of July.

07 July 2020

My favorite line in Legally Blonde! I try to use it every 4th of July. But this year, it was perfect for the picture above. Kate screams the fourth! She really loves making cupcakes and often tells us that they are her very favorite. She even made an egg-free version so her sister could enjoy! 

We spent the fourth of July at my parents lake house in Bismarck. We had a great time on the lake with both girls and relaxing some by ourselves. 

My parents came to Little Rock the day before we left, so Kate went down the night before and stayed with them. I think she had a blast getting alllll the attention and shooting her grandparents with water guns! We sure we happy to see our girl the next day though!  :) 

I got this picture from my mom of Kate playing with her fairy wings! 

Brian and I got out on the lake while the girls napped. It was such a pretty day. We were so thankful that it didn't rain like the weather suggested. We parked in this cove for about three hours and relaxed! 

After dinner, we took the girls and my parents out for an evening cruise. Emily was very unsure about her life jacket-- I would be too! That thing looks so uncomfortable. Kate was very against her daddy and BoomPa getting in the water. Next thing we knew, she was dipping her toes in the water, getting close to jumping all together, and then she had stripped her clothes off and requesting to get in! My girl all grown up! 

That's a happy, laughing face. Promise! 

I was a little worried that Emmy would just try to jump in the water. I think the uncomfortable life jacket stopped that. However, I'm thinking next year she will be one with the water! 

Love these babies more than anything! One day they will look at the camera and smile!! 

Since Kate did so well in the water (naked) the night before. We decided to give it another shot on Saturday morning. She was slow to warm up but was a fish with her daddy in no time! We had a great time swimming with Kate and enjoying some rest and relaxation with my parents! 

Happy 4th!! XOXO

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