Hale Christmas 2019

31 January 2020

I was working on a post from Emily's baptism and realized that I never posted about Christmas! And we took so many pictures and had so much fun! Kate really was in to Christmas this year which made it that much more fun! And we learned that Emily is real go-getter and LOVES opening presents!! 

We took a trip to El Dorado the weekend before Christmas to visit my family and meet cousin Rosemary! We usually rotate Christmas but with a  couple new births in the family, we loved having the opportunity to get everyone together. 

Kate looks so grown up and big in this picture. All the girls had two sets of matching PJs. They looked precious. 

Kate is such a big help in the kitchen. She loves helping cook. 

Oops these got out of order but OH WELL. This was "Christmas Morning." Kate loved it. She was very quiet at first but then was so interested in all the presents and which ones were hers. We thought Emily would just kind of sit back and watch, let Kate open Em's presents, etc. Nope! Emily loved presents and ripping them open! This girl can really hold her own. 

GO Emmy GO! 

The girls got this wagon and loved riding around the house. And some outside, when the dogs weren't out :) 

Kate baking cookies with grandma. Very serious business. She loved the sprinkles and still, to this day, talks about them. 

Favorite part was obviously eating the cookies! Which she had plenty since she had a cough and coughed all over them. So no one wanted any :) 

We had a great time. These sweet girls make the holidays so much more fun. And special. 

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