Greek Salad = Fantastic!

31 January 2023

I ran across this salad on instagram a few weeks ago. It looked fantastic so I wanted to give it a shot. The day before we made it, a coworker got a similar salad that had pulled chicken on it too. I figured might as well go that route so I took some smoked rotisserie chicken and tossed it with the salad. So confident that this will be on repeat. It was so good! 

Yummy Tasty Brownie

30 January 2023

After dinner a couple weeks ago, Brian asked what was for dessert. With zero plan, I started these brownies that I stumbled on a few days prior. Instagram for the win! We had everything. It was a miracle. But we didn't have ice cream. So I went with a little icing drizzle, which I loved. I grabbed Brian some ice cream the following day :) These were good. Fantastic. Try them! 

Crockpot Ramen = LOVE

29 January 2023

Last weekend I made this fantastic ramen and it was so delicious and so perfect and it's cold today so I'm just dreaming about it!!! And I want it and it's perfect. OK?!

Julia Child's Sandwich Bread

26 January 2023

You probably know by now that I've veeerry into making bread these days. I tried just regular ole sandwich bread over the weekend and man, it was really wonderful. And once I figured out how to cut it, it was even better and I just really realllly love it. Way easier than you would think, give it a try!

Christmas 2022!

25 January 2023

We had a very festive and merry Christmas with lots of friends and family! We enjoyed a couple extra days in El Dorado since LR was suppose to get some icy weather, we took off early. Love the picture above. The girls are so interested in the place where mommy and daddy got married. Now we have a picture of all of us! 

Chocolate + Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread

21 January 2023

Yuuumm! I made this for Christmas morning and it was so good! I did all the prep the night before so I could pop it in the oven and bam! It was harder than I intended, I didn't think about the whole not having my mixer in El Dorado aspect. I ended up mixing by hand and it wasn't impossible but much harder!  The result was fantastic! 

Gin Cocktail Recipe: Southside

20 January 2023

Brian made me this drink a couple weeks ago and it was so fantastic! We skipped the mint part and I left it out below since all of our mint died for the winter. It was fantastic and since I'm a graduate of Southside Elementary school, the name was fitting :) 

La Scala Chopped Salad

16 January 2023

I saw this salad on instagram a few weeks ago and knew we had to make it. Turns out it's a viral salad from TikTok and I'm behind the game. But we've made it twice now so we're making up for lost time. It's so good! Don't hesitate, just make it! 

Midnight Pasta

15 January 2023

A few weeks ago, we tried a new pasta recipe that I've had saved for a while. I loved it!! The anchovy gave it a super funky yet delightful taste and those red pepper flakes added some pop! It was easy and delish. Definitely recommend 10/10!

Another Easy Christmas Gift

14 January 2023

You know by now my love for the dollar section. I started grabbing these cute little towels early. I ended up putting together 20 of them! From teachers to coworkers--these were divvied out to lots of people this Christmas! If you look really close, I hand stamped each utensil with "Joy." I'm a little out of practice but I think they still turned out now. I wrapped each towel and utensil with a cookie cutter, cute ribbon and a little card made by yours truly! XOXO


Easy Cinnamon Rolls

02 January 2023

I made the most fantastic cinnamon rolls this morning. Well actually I started last night so we could easily pop them in the oven this morning. The instructions look daunting but trust.. it's not bad at all and so very easy! This will be a regular around our house. So good! 
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