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21 October 2013

SOOO, I've been MIA in the blog world for quite awhile now. LOTS has happened since July and I'll be sure to catch you up... that way I can get back to blogging like usual. Because I'm sure you are all (I say that like I have a following) dying to know what I've been working on :) 

In July I got a promotion at work, (!!!) I'm now the Assistant Director! It's been so busy but so great and I really enjoy it. August I took my first vacation in over a month, September was pretty laid back and in October- Brian and I have done some statewide traveling. I'll give you a recap via pictures... :) 

Wendy said YES to the dress!! 

Hayden turned ONE!!!! 

Hayden and her aunties :) 

Rachel got married...

...and we celebrated in Nashville. 

Seth & Heather got married.. and Brian caught the garter/football. YES, you are reading right, it says "You're next!"

In August we vacationed in Florida with the Johnston's...

...and played mini golf....

..and ate fabulous seafood. 

In September the Hale's came to town

And Tontitown pumpkins were delivered to my door... ah, fall!! 

This cute pup and his owner left for greener pastures... 

And then I didn't take pictures for the whole month of October... but we had a lot of fun! Brian and I spent a weekend in El Dorado and went to Musicfest-- we listened to Justin Moore and ate good food! We spent the next weekend in Fayetteville in the pumpkin patch helping Grandma and Nonno out. We sat through the rain to watch Texas A&M kick our tails. But we had a good time with friends and family. We spent the rest of our weekends watching football with Erin, Jared and the dogs-- which is always a good time. Then this past weekend the Johnston's came to town...

And we took this picture at the family reunion. 

So, now that you are caught up with my life.. I will be sure to start posting more often and I've got to show you my new craft projects that I've been working on :) YAY. Check back soon! 


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