throwback thursday.... 2010 flashback

31 January 2013

Recently I've started using my old camera, you're probably wondering why I'm telling you this.... Well, cause it's been dead for about 2 years but I finally figured out a way to charge it.. and it takes amazing pictures so now I'm using it all the time. Mainly to take photos of my apartment and craft projects. I feel like it's time I step up from an iPhone camera.. especially since I own 3 cameras. Redic, I know. 2 have been dead for years!! 

So anyway, as I was transferring pictures of my newly painted kitchen (!!!!) I found so many old pictures that were fabulous. They go all the way back to like 2007! I enjoyed that walk down memory lane (like usual) but I REALLY enjoyed the ones from my last day of work as a TV reporter. 

Matt followed me around for the last hour and documented everything, Including me going through hair and makeup for the last show :/. I always have mixed feelings about being out of the new business and these pics really make me miss it! Enjoy :) 

Perfecting the poof, it has to be just right!! Notice the clock, 5 mins til showtime! Seems like it was always a race to get to set on time.

just a couple more sprays.... must have a helmet head to work in the news business :)  AND that look on my face, gracious... why do I always do this while spraying?!

Waiting on set, just minutes out. I will never forget this day because the AC was out on the set. We were broadcasting from the hallway but reporters still had to pitch stories from the set, HOTT!!!! 

andddd..... standby.... 

....take Alex! Go time, good-bye TV world! 
Can you believe I'm reporting on sports?! I did my fair share, I think Joaquin even made me an honorary member of the sports team since I did a few stories for him. So there's my walk down memory lane for the day... and if you are interested in seeing the story.. I posted the link below! :) 

Patio Pillows!

30 January 2013

I feel like I worked on this project FOREVER! Probably because I did... I originally was going to do this during my Pinterest project challenge but realized I really had no where to put 2 burlap pillows. So when I moved and got a little couch on my patio I figured it was the perfect time! 

I mean this burlap fabric has been cut for umm.... since July! Finally I took it home with me in early December to use my mom's sewing machine. (Since my apt is so small, I don't have room for a machine!) 

I realize once I get home that I forgot all my supplies, except the burlap. Went to walmart and got some paint but forgot brushes and at 11PM I realize this... so I painted these with q-tips. Not a fab paint job but it works! 

Finally, I sewed the sides and started to stuff... turns out I didn't have near enough to fill the pillows with, so I decide to finish when I get back to Little Rock. 

2 months later and I just bought some more fill, finished stuffing, closed the pillows up and ta-da! I have new pillows for my couch. Not that you have any room to sit now since I just added them to the ones that were already outside. But they sure do add a nice pop of color and fun! Enjoy! 

Do you love my almost dead mums? I should probably put them out of their misery and just trash them... but I can't make myself! 

Back to the pillows- I also made a super cute one for my couch (matched my ottoman) that I'll have to show you in a later post. I'm finally ALMOST satisfied with my apartment so I'll have to start posting pics of my finished rooms! Til then... XOXO

etsy upgrades....

29 January 2013

So proud of my new etsy banner that I HAVE to share! I'm sure this isn't that awesome to most of y'all but I'm so proud of my mad publisher skills :) I would LOVE to learn how to use Adobe and make awesome things but for now... I'll just stick to backroom publisher blog/etsy designs. (And this is the condensed version since I figured the banner would be too large to fit!)

If you haven't visited my shop in a while, you should! I have a few new items.. like this guy :) 

motivational monday....

28 January 2013

REALLY struggling with posting on my blog... but at least I'm not neglecting Motivational Monday's... which is good cause I need the motivation, probably more than the next person :) Today my MM comes from good ole Abe Lincoln... enjoy! 

monday, monday......

22 January 2013

....motivational monday!! This is SO true but so hard to do. I'm trying to make a conscience effort to do just this... ENJOY!! 

MORE Valentine's Burlap....

19 January 2013

Since I actually sold one I decided to make a few more options for this Valentine's day.... enjoy! 

LOVE Heart Burlap Door Hanger

Red/White Valentine Door Hanger

new etsy!!

15 January 2013

Hello!! I've got some new etsy designs to share with you :) I already had one order go through today... that's enough to make a girl smile big!! (PS. links to my etsy store are below each picture, feel free to share with your friends ;)

Heart Burlap Door Hanger

Wood Necklace Hanger

Newborn Baby Canvas with Stats

motivational monday...

14 January 2013

I've decided I'm going to start motivational Monday here at alexlately.. it's a busy time of year for me... so this is to remind me AND you that we can do! Relax, let go... and let God! 


great love....

10 January 2013

I'm pretty sure I've talked about the Ellen show on my blog before... but if I haven't or you forgot.. I LOVE that show! It's entertaining and all her guests love her, which makes a good show even better. 

My very favorite part is that she has the money/budget to do good and she does it! She is always giving away things to her audience but more importantly those who really need it. I can't tell you how many shows I've watched that ended with my eyes full of tears. She gives such deserving people the most amazing, life-changing things. 

BUT my very absolute favorite thing about every episode is how she ends it... "be kind to one another." How awesome would it be to have that type of platform and reach the amount of people she reaches with that one message? Amazing. 


It's still Christmas!!

05 January 2013

I will admit that I listened to Christmas music yesterday and I caught myself telling Brian that I'm not ready for it to be over... Christmas that is. 
My family at church on Christmas Eve... minus Brian, of course.
I keep hearing people say that Christmas is over, "I took down my decorations on the 26th." GUYS y'all must not have watched my advent video! What's advent? Well if you didn't watch the video I will tell you... 

Advent comes from the Latin word for "arrival" or "coming." It's the period of time that we prepare for the birth of the Lord. Advent starts 4 Sundays before Christmas-- that's when our Church puts out the "advent wreath" which is composed of 5 candles.. 3 purple, 1 pink and 1 white. The candles are lit each week of advent, a new Sunday... a new candle. On Christmas Eve the church will light the white candle (in the middle) which represents the life of Christ. "The color white represents purity. Christ is the sinless, spotless, pure Savior. Also, those who receive Christ as Savior are washed of their sins and made whiter than snow."

The first Sunday of Advent marks the beginning of the liturgical year. Advent is a time of joy and preparation for Christmas. Then on Christmas Day, Christmas begins and lasts for the next 12 days... This year until Sunday, December 6th. That 12 days leads us to "Epiphany" which is the day the wise men made it to the baby Jesus. 

At St. Mary's we always celebrated this with the Epiphany Pageant. I spent many January's dressed as an angel or shepherd. I actually shared a picture in my Christmas walk down memory lane. 

So that's my explanation... and I could have very well gotten some of it wrong. The moral of the story is... Christmas isn't over, yet. And even when it is.. I hope God's love and sacrifice surrounds you every day. I wanted to leave you with this beautiful song I listed to on my classical Christmas pandora station yesterday :) 

Love, Alex

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