Living Room Update

31 July 2018

I posted out living room about 6/7 months after we moved into our (new) home. Can I still call it new? We've almost been here for 2 years- which is crazy! But today I'm back with an update! 

Baby ISH - 3rd Installment

30 July 2018

1. Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker  |   2.  Happy Baby Puffs   |    3. CeraVe Baby Wash/Shampoo   |    4. Food Storage Cups    
5. Building Blocks   |   6. Sippy Cup    |     7. Summer Baby 3D Lite Stroller   |   8. Boon Snack Cups    |    9.  Pampers Pure Wipes    
    10. Stacking Buckets    |    11. Copper Pearl Bibs 

This is my most colorful baby update to date! It's like I could only keep my calm, cool, neutral color palette around for so long until we really couldn't control it! 

Sunday with Kate

29 July 2018

Look at that sweet, laughing baby girl! She's so fun! Ya'll... I know I say this all the time but she is just such a good, happy baby.

Breakfast Meal Prep

28 July 2018

Another homerun with Skinnytaste! I made this for breakfast this week and it was so good! Funny thing, I actually only ate it for breakfast once. It turns out that this was way too much food for me at breakfast time. Brian skipped breakfast and ended up eating it for lunch on the first day so I joined him on the second and enjoyed it much more for lunch! 

Kate's Baptism

27 July 2018

We baptized sweet baby Kate a couple weeks ago and it was a really great weekend. We had so many family members join us and it made the weekend that much more special. 

Happy 4th!!

26 July 2018

We spent the 4th of July at the lake this year. It was strange since it fell on a Wednesday. Brian and I ended up taking Thursday off and then I had Friday off too. So it was a super nice long weekend. 

We went down to the lake Tuesday after work and Brian's brother David joined us. We had a really fun time!

Guajillo-Spiced Pork + Potatoes

25 July 2018

HELLO! I took a couple week break but I'm back with another amazing recipe. I've had a few people tell me in the past couple weeks that they are trying the recipes I blog and that makes me so happy! They are generally easy and delish. Every meal should be so good! IMO

Sunday with Kate

02 July 2018

Have I ever mentioned how much I love spending the weekend with this sweet baby and her daddy? And how precious does she look in this sweet lavender dress? PRECIOUS.

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