Family Photos 2022

25 December 2022

We got back our annual family photos. The ones of the girls are just precious. I'm sure I'm posting WAY too many but it's my blog and what I say goes! Enjoy! And Merry Christmas :) 

Cookie Teacher Gift

23 December 2022

Love these little gifts I put together this year. I grabbed some cookie mix, an oven mitt, adorable little spatula and a cute cookie cutter. Tied together with ribbon and perfect for Kate's little CARE teachers! XOXO


Johnston Family Christmas 2022

22 December 2022

We hosted the Johnston family this past weekend for an early Christmas celebration! We were all together including Nene! Fun was had by all and these little cousins get cuter every single time! 

Christmas Chex

21 December 2022

I made this for the program at church a couple weeks ago and it was SO GOOD. I had multiple people ask for the recipe. I really just kind of rolled with a couple recipes and made it my own. I didn't measure, just dump! I used corn chex, chocolate chex, m&ms, holiday sprinkles, bugles, pretzels, chocolate chips, (forgot the peanuts but wish i had them!). Melt some almond bark-- I used white chocolate, toss and bam! I'd highly recommend using these foil trays because the clean up was so much better! 

Cocoa and Carols

20 December 2022

We went to cocoa and carols the first week of December. It was hosted at Trapnall Hall and so sweet for these little girls! Plenty of sweet treats, hot cocoa, carols and fun! 

Homemade French Bread

19 December 2022

I love bread! I absolutely love bread! When I found this recipe, I knew I had to make it. I've tried twice. The first tasted better than it looked. Everything was absolutely perfect on the second try but I undercooked it some and figured it out too late. The parts that were cooked right were so amazing though. Third times a charm?

Capitol Lighting 2022

18 December 2022

One of our new traditions is right here-- the lighting at the Capitol! I loved this growing up and we would come to Little Rock from time to time to watch. It's so fun to share with the girls! 

My Day in a Blackhawk

17 December 2022

A couple weeks ago, we were invited out to the Dept of Military for a fun ride in a blackhawk! It was really neat and I put together this fun video if you want to CHECK IT OUT. Keep going for the rest of the pictures. 


16 December 2022

Not a lot to see here except these cute little cups I put together for a Christmas gathering a couple weeks ago. I just love having a little cup to hand and each person gets their own. I packed these with lots of meat, cheese, nuts, olives, and a cute little fragrant sprig of rosemary! XOXO


Thanksgiving 2022

15 December 2022

We traveled to Calico Rock for Thanksgiving this year. Had a great time with family and enjoyed the beautiful views this house had to offer! Brian's uncle has a house here and so graciously invited us to join. Can't believe that I've been in this family for 11 years and just made it here! 

Let the Holidays Begin!

13 December 2022

We had a fun little weekend in mid-November! Kate sang in church, we joined friends for Holidays in the Heights and picked up daddy after a long five days away! 

Halloween Fun

12 December 2022

We had, what felt like weeks worth of Halloween fun! School parties, church parties, birthday parties and plenty of trick of treating! It was a fun couple weeks and I just always love October! 

Proud to be an American!

11 December 2022

We took the girls with us to vote the Saturday before Election Day. Figured we could vote and then work in a trip to the library since they are connected. Obviously we have the second children goofing off and the serious first kids taking this well, very seriously. 

Kate's First Field Trip

10 December 2022

Kate took her first field trip in October and parents got to join! It was so fun to watch her with all her little friends. And it was precious to see 200 little kiddos all running around having so much fun! 

25 Minute Black Pepper Basil Chicken

09 December 2022

I was looking to meal prep a few weeks back and this recipe just kind of all fell together. I couldn't remember what I was actually going to cook and while searching for the recipe, I found this one. I added some chopped peppers in since I had them and then charred the others for a nice little side item. It was fantastic and I've actually made it again since! That rice... yum! 

DIY: Name Sweatshirts

08 December 2022

I love these little name sweatshirts! Emmy has refused to wear hers thus far.. which is pretty much par for the course. I saw some similar on instagram last year and knew I had to try making my own. I ordered the letters from Etsy. I think the sent me "w" for "m." It takes up wayy too much space so I waited another year to go up a size and provide more room on the chest. It's tight on Em's but still so adorable! Kate looks so precious in hers! Super easy DIY. Try it! XOXO


Saturday at the Pumpkin Patch

07 December 2022

These little cuties had such a fun time at the pumpkin patch back in October. We went with the Gattins and Smiths and had so much fun! Watching these little girlies pull their wagons of pumpkins was precious. Give me allll the fall things! 

Blistered mini Peppers

06 December 2022

Oh I love these! We actually had these for dinner tonight. We've cooked these a few times but popping them in a pan and letting them blister is our new fav way. We had some just like this in NYC. A little EVOO, peppers, salt + pepper and yum. Brian even tossed some balsamic vinegar on ours tonight and they were excellent! Enjoy! XOXO


Trip to the Zoo

05 December 2022

The first weekend in October, we hit the zoo for fun day with friends! Perfect weather and the kiddos way outnumbered the adults. Lots of fun to spend time with our buddies and tons of animals too :) 

Kate is FIVE!

04 December 2022

Kate had a really wonderful birthday celebration back in September! That's how far I am behind here :) oops. We explored a million different options for birthday parties and still somehow ended up at home. It turned out so perfect and she had the sweetest day. 

Baby Girl Door Hanger

03 December 2022

I am so behind on blogging but I had so much to share! Like this fun little baby door hanger. I made two door hangers this year for little ones. I've been out of the game for so long, it was super fun to be creative again. Love how this one turned out and can't wait to meet that sweet baby girl! XOXO


Spider Halloween Cookie Cake

02 December 2022

I saw this fun little cake on a instagram reel back in October and knew I had to make it. It was super easy. I actually used premade cookie dough, smushed to the edges of my pan. It was kind of hard to cook, the consistency of the cook here was not good but smothered with icing, you really didn't know. I learned a trick here, heat up your icing can for a bit and pour it on. Loop around some black icing, use a toothpick for the web, sprinkles and enjoy! XOXO


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