Bok Choy

19 July 2022

I can't tell you how much I want to eat this right now while typing this. I loved this side dish and know it will be in our rotation FOREVER. It was so good! SO GOOD. 

My Nonno

18 July 2022

We lost my sweet Nonno at the end of last month. I'll never forget my last visit with him. I was so scared to go. He had been having episodes where he didn't know who anyone was and I was just scared. I was scared that would be my last memory. When I went to see him, he looked up, smiled and said, "My Alex." It brings me to tears just thinking about it. He asked how the girls were and he just smiled and was so happy to see me. I am so glad I have that last time to hold onto for all time. 

Trip to Tontitown

13 July 2022

Earlier this month we went to Tontitown to celebrate the life of my Nonno, Andrew Floyd Penzo. He passed away at the end of June. I'm terribly sad he is not with us anymore but find peace knowing he's made it to his heavenly home and no longer sick. 

Snapper + Carrots

12 July 2022

OMG. I know, I KNOW this picture doesn't look like much but it was seriously like everything. Those carrots were possibly the best carrots that I've ever had. And that red snapper was so fantastic, light and perfect. 

Summer in a Bowl

11 July 2022

I just love this! And it always just sings summer to me. I got Brian hooked and we make it as long as the cucumbers and tomatoes are flowing. I don't have a real recipe for it but base my "throw-stuff-in-a-bowl-recipe" off one this sweet little man in Malvern taught me. I love to add banana peppers and white onion. Brian likes celery seed so we add that with salt + pepper. Pour over everything a sugar and vinegar mixture and BAM. YUM. 


Blistered Shishito Peppers

09 July 2022

Brian made a seafood run a couple weeks ago and came up with some shishito peppers. He blistered them as an appetizer and they were so good! That little flaky salt really made them a fantastic bite! Simple, easy and perfect! 

Smoked Salmon + Endives

08 July 2022

I really loved these and so did Brian. He's actually asked for them again since we had them only two weeks ago! I actually found the recipe a while back and had been wanting to try them. I stumbled on some endives at trader joe's the other day and the rest is tasty history. 

Brownie Sandwiches with Cookie Dough Buttercream

07 July 2022

In my quest to be the very best baker-- I made these brownie sandwiches and they WERE SO FORKING GOOD! I know that I will make these again. They were fantastic. 

Happy Father's Day!

05 July 2022

I'm late but still wanted to post this adorable picture of the girls with Brian on Father's Day! It was a sweet day <3


Emmy: Allergy Testing Complete!

04 July 2022

Y'all... I hope your kiddo never has a food allergy. We were lucky and had one-- well two at one point, that usually the kid grows out of. It just stinks! All of it. Carrying the Epi, the testing, the appointments, the bloodwork. I'll have nightmares about that bloodwork FOREVER!

Emily's Birthday Party!

03 July 2022

We celebrated Emmy's birthday party over Memorial Day weekend and had so much fun! I loved having a day dedicated just to sweet Emily. She's really letting her personality shine and she's so silly and funny! 

DIY Party Bubbles

02 July 2022

I made these fun bubble stickers for Emily's birthday party. I just designed them on Canva, printed on sticky paper and wrapped around some dollar tree bubbles. Viola! XOXO


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