Guest Bath UPGRADE: $80 Makeover

25 October 2020

I still can't believe how much different this bathroom looks. I am amazed at how it turned out and I catch myself staring at it and patting myself on the back. This bathroom has always been one of my least favorite things about our house. I've always wanted to do something here and I'm so glad I finally took that leap! 

I think in order to really appreciate the transformation, we have to step back and look at where we started. This isn't actually the first picture I took of the bathroom, I took this after I did the first round of "updates."

I don't hate vintage tile and homes with character. But this bright blue is just not OK. I couldn't do anything with it. It just stuck out. And the floor was so, so terrible. I kept thinking that maybe if I could get new flooring that the tile wouldn't look as bad. But no, that would not work and I didn't want to waste my time and money. 

So I finally just did it. I caught myself driving to ACE Hardware one day for paint and there was no turning back. I used a primer/sealer for the first two coats on the tile. I've read a lot about painting tile so I knew I had to use something that would cure and hold. After that dried, I could use whatever paint I wanted to. I stayed with a white and picked a satin finish. It ended up taking about 5 total coats. I didn't expect for it to take so many! But it looks excellent. 

Every time our cleaning lady comes, I'm afraid that I'm going to go in the bathroom and the paint is going to have been wiped off or something. It's been a few months now and we haven't had any problems so I'm going to mark this off as a success! 

Once I painted the tile, I knew the flooring had to change. Honestly, this part kind of terrified me. You would thinking PAINTING tile and screwing it up would make me nervous. Nope. Something about taking up the quarter round, possibly having to replace it all together and laying new floor freaked me out. Finally Brian said, "Alex, it seriously can't get any worse, just do it." AND I did! 
The first time I ordered, I got a black/white print of peel and stick for the floor. I loved it but it was BOLD. And I go even more nervous. I sent it back (thanks Amazon!) and kept looking. I knew I wanted to stick with this Floor Pops brand because I read a lot of great reviews on it. I finally found THIS PATTERN and I felt like it would tie the whole bathroom together. The tile, the new WALL COLOR, and some of the accessories. 

The tiles actually were brighter (I guess you would say) in person but I still loved them. I took forever to build up the courage to lay these and basically just went trial by error style. In the end, I'm super happy with how they turned out. As most reviews said, the tiles don't line up perfectly (like ever) but it works. And you really can't tell from afar. 

I really liked this LIGHT FIXTURE and took this picture when the light was off so you could see it a little better. It's harder to see in photos with the light on. 

I still can't believe how much better this looks. Every time I look in this room I'm so amazed at what less than $100 can do to a room! AND I mentioned the quarter round earlier, it came up so easy and didn't tear apart at all. I was able to paint and replace with no issues. It always bothered me that they laid quarter round around the sink base, so I left that off when I put it back down. I like it so much more now. 

So ta-da. There you go! I still have to pick out towels and a shower curtain (you didn't see the shower in pictures!) but that might take some time. I was so ready to post these before and after shots that I'm just going for it. If you are on the fence about peel and stick floor... just do it. What's the worse that can happen?! XOXO


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