Emily Rhea - Month 8

08 April 2020

Sweet Emily. You are so full of life and your little personality develops so much more each day. You are so stinking happy and you laugh all. the. time. Eight months have flown by and we are so happy we get to spend our days with you. 

You can't sit still for anything. Eating, drinking your bottle (sometimes), taking pictures, baths.. anything! You are always on the go! This picture below is you at the doctor, in clothes sized for a 3 month old, tearing the paper to shreds. You had a blast. It's funny now (typing this as you are 10.5 months old) how much more hair you have now. And how much you've changed in such a short time. 

You are so curious and not scared of a thing. You play with everything. Mostly really random things. All of your pants are way too short because you are long! 

You are still absolutely crazy about your sister and you have the best time together. You cuddle, kiss and play together all the time. And it seriously makes my heart explode. 

We baptized you this month and you were so good. So sweet and so precious. We are lucky to have so many family members to love and support you. We had a great day celebrating you!

You have the biggest eyes. The most perfect little laugh. You sleep like a champ, still. Unless you have an ear infection. Which seems to keep happening. You are saying da-da non stop. You pull up on everything and crawl so fast. You are busy 24/7. We couldn't imagine life without our sweet babe. We LOVE YOU SO MUCH. 

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