Korean Chicken

31 January 2018

If Gina (skinnytaste.com) makes something with Korean in the title, you bet we are going to try it! I know I just blogged the Korean Beef Bowls.. you should have tried them by now... but I have to add this one! Another oldie but goodie in our house. 

Christmas... a little late.

30 January 2018

How sweet are the holidays with this precious girl? SO. SWEET. Look at that face!! I snapped the above and below pictures of our girl a little before Christmas when I realized I needed a picture for our Christmas card. I'm so obsessed with the one above because I feel like it captures her sweet presence AND those lips! I also love that cute little deer on her onesie!

Korean Beef Bowls

28 January 2018

First off-- I forgot my green onions so this picture is not nearly as pretty as it should/could be but it's just so darn good AND I can't believe I haven't blogged it yet SO it's overdue. SO I'm posting it and just take my word for it MAKE IT TODAY. 

Snow Day + Soup

16 January 2018

I have always been a huge fan of chicken noodle soup! There aren't a great many of soups I like but chicken noodle-- I LOVE! 

First Sunday

15 January 2018

It's possible that I'm that mom. The one who is terrified to take her kid places. It took us a long time to leave the house- other than a car ride here and there. The first time we left to go out in public was to Target. And I was so worried! Turns out, Kate is a really good shopper.

Martha's Chili Chicken Tacos

08 January 2018

I've made my fair share of chicken tacos. Mostly all in the crock-pot. I don't care how careful I am or how much care I put into these things, they always end up a little too dry for my liking. One thing I have found, chicken thighs usually turn a better result. But after the last round of dump-salsa-over-chicken-and-cook-for-hours was not as tasty as the article suggested.. I gave up!

Goodbye 2017 - Hello 2018!

01 January 2018

I don't care if these things are corny or annoying, I love a good instagram recap. Especially when it all consists of my sweet girl. She dominated my likes in 2017! 
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