Best Babes - Valentine's Day 2020

01 April 2020

The girls did not care to participate in posed pictures... story of my life right now. But I was able to grab a couple when they got home school. It's a miracle that no one pooped (looking at you Emily!) on their clothes. Allllll that to say, these BEST BABES had a really Happy Valentines! 

I made their little shirts after seeing some similar on Pinterest. They were a little silly but they are only little for so long, so I figured what the heck! 

Emily was having a rough week. She's had a few ear infections and this week was no exception. She loves her sister but was a little grumpy this morning. They still are the sweetest little sisters that I've ever seen. 

Kate loves dropping off her sister each morning. She grabs her plenty of books and toys and sets them out around her on the floor. Emily immediately roams off and we end up just leaving a mess. Oops. But it's seriously the sweetest. 

Kate has a Valentine's Day party with all her friends at the end of the day. She had a blast and we loved watching her dance and interact with her friends. It's so fun to see that side of her. I love her little school. 

Emily was much happier when we got home. I grabbed a couple snaps but still didn't get both girls looking at the camera at the same time. Back up-- looking and smiling! :) 
Hope you had a happy day of love. 

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