motivational monday

29 June 2015

Happy Motivational Monday! Hope it's a great one! :) XOXO. 

New Etsy!

25 June 2015

I had a custom order for this guy last week-- it's really similar to a couple other hangers I have, just some color changes. Anyway, it's so cute and I'm sure it will pop on the owners navy front door! Find it-- HERE! 

Yard Update..

24 June 2015

Last weekend we worked in the yard and I pulled every single last weed from this ridiculous flower bed. I tried hiring someone but come to find out, yard workers really just like to cut, trim, mow, etc. So I did it, I bit the bullet and pulled the weeds. It was so miserable. I'm really milking this, right? Anyway, I am so happy that our yard now looks pretty again-- I even pulled up the little flowers behind the monkey grass and gave them a new home.  I had no idea our monkey grass would look so great and grow so big, they were really covered up. Here's to pulling weeds as they pop up from now on! Happy Summer! 

refrigerator rehab

13 June 2015

So last weekend I painted my refrigerator... yeah, I'm totally serious! This is a thing, really? I saw it browsing pinterest one day and figured that would never work. 

Crawfish boil

11 June 2015

Last month we threw Erin and Jared a going away party! They moved to Wynne a couple weeks ago but we wanted to gather all our Little Rock friends and give them one last big party :) 

front page news!

10 June 2015

I made the El Dorado paper twice this week! Once presenting an award to Huttig Volunteer Fire Department and then FRONT PAGE on Monday for the $50,000 Boys & Girls Club award. :) This is the best part of the job-- handing out the dolllllas!

three new custom orders!

07 June 2015

 April/May was a really good month for my easy shop! I got three new custom orders and around 5 other orders. I've slowed down in the past couple weeks but I'm planning some new summer/fall designs right now :) 

outdoor happenings....

06 June 2015

I've never been able to plant anything and watch it grow. Last year I spent like two days buying and planting, only for it to die- honestly, less than week later.
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