Taupe Less Beach + Watch = LOVE.

28 August 2015

Scallop edge + Tan-gold watch + Shellac = Love. I never get manicures.. like once a year. I love how they look but feel bad about getting them for some reason. Last week I decided I'm getting one ASAP but wanted a very subtle yet fall color. Enter my boss with her pretty colored nails on Wednesday. It's like she knew what I was searching for!! 

If you live in Little Rock, you have to go to CHIC NAILS! My last shellac manicure I got from them lasted FIVE WEEKS. FIVE. The only reason it ended was because I had major nail growth. No chips! Then they soaked it off for me, gave me a manicure and didn't charge me anything. Wouldn't even take a tip. Just do it. 

So, I love the color. It's OPI Taupe Less Beach. I snapped this picture on the way to work Thursday to share. ALSO, my new fabu watch from NORDSTROM. It's so pretty and looks expensive... but it's not. You won't believe the price. And I just love this skit from LOFT. Only a little bit longer to wear whites so I'm taking advantage. And that scallop hem = adorable. 

And one more thing about Thursday-- it was a good day. It was a GREAT day because I came home to this..... 
Full disclosure: one of these came in broken so it's been sitting in my car to take back and my car smells like heaven. I might never take it back. 

Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore and a bottle of Red

27 August 2015

I made this, eh... attempted to make this Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore recipe from SKINNY TASTE this week. I say attempted because this dodo didn't quite use the crock pot right... mine ended up cooking on the stove-top a little more than I would like to admit. 

I also found myself adding additional flavor.. it was a little bland for our taste but by the end I had it fixed up just right. My picture looks nothing like hers but that's ok, I chopped my chicken and my husband said it was good... so mission accomplished. 

Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore
Servings: 8 • Size: 1 thigh, 1/2 cup sauce, veggies • Old Points: 3 pts • Points+: 4 pts*
Calories: 126.2 • Fat: 2.8 g • Protein: 13.9 g • Carb: 9.2 g • Fiber: 0.6 g • Sugar: 4.1 g
Sodium: 271.6 mg  (without salt)


8 chicken thighs, with the bone, skin removed
28 oz can crushed tomatoes (Tuttorosso my favorite!)
1/2 red bell pepper, sliced into strips
1/2 green bell pepper, sliced into strips
1/2 large onion, sliced
1 tsp dried oregano 
1 bay leaf
salt and fresh pepper to taste
1/4 cup fresh herbs such as basil or parsley for topping


Quick method: Season chicken with salt and black pepper and place in the slow cooker. Pour tomatoes over the chicken, top with onions and peppers, add oregano, bay leaf, salt and pepper, give it a quick stir and cover. Set crock pot to LOW 8 hours or HIGH 4 hours. When the timer beeps, remove lid and keep the crock pot on HIGH one hour to help it thicken.

Better method but requires more prep:  Heat a large skillet over medium-high, lightly spray with oil (I use my Misto) and brown chicken on both sides a few minutes, season with salt and pepper. Add to the slow cooker. To the skillet, spray with a little more oil and add onions and peppers. Sauté until juices release and the vegetables become golden, a few minutes.

Add to the slow cooker. Pour tomatoes over the chicken and vegetables, add oregano, bay leaf, salt and pepper, give it a quick stir and cover. Set crock pot to LOW 8 hours or HIGH 4 hours.

Remove bay leaf, adjust salt and pepper and enjoy! 

this is weight watchers?

25 August 2015

(first of all, why do my peppers look florescent? And they should have been cut smaller but you see, I was in a hurry. AND I never claimed to be a good photographer.)

I made a really good lunch today, like really good. I read on "Eat Yourself Skinny" about a pita bread pizza for lunch and thought I would give it a try. But it didn't have meat and.... ya girl needs meat.

So I worked up my own. I bought those flatout things at Kroger.. they were only 100 calories so they had to be ok, right? I cooked a boatload of shredded chicken this past weekend... have I told y'all about this. It's really a genius idea. Crockpot on low for however long, I just eyeball... chicken breasts, chicken stock, onion and all your favorite seasonings, shred and save for the week. It freezes so easy.. trust. 

Anyway, back to the pizza-- I used a little pizza sauce, topped with chicken, spinach, red bell pepper, a little italian seasoning, and mozzarella. I calculated this at 7 WW Points Plus. Yeah, that's amazing.  And I always calculate on the high side so I don't go over so.. who knows, it could be 6... or even 5. Let's not get crazy. 

Point being, try it. It was good. Goodnight. :)  


 It was a really, really busy weekend...... Wanted to share my new favorite and the first of my door hangers to actually hang on my front door. This one is 100% Brian approved :) 

I'm so adorable, buy me HERE

Knockoff (BUT SO MUCH BETTER) Chipotle Bowl

24 August 2015

Sooo.. my husband loves Chipotle. And we've (I say we, probably he) has enjoyed having a location closer to our house. Anyway, we grabbed dinner there before going on vacation and on the way home he asked for my version of the burrito bowl. We've made this once before but used a store marinade and used the Kroger Black Bean and Corn Salsa as the salsa.. it was good but O.M.G. did it get exponentially better last night. 

I did a little searching around on pinterest for burrito bowl ideas to mimic Chipotle's and I put together the best ideas to form my own :)  

Start with the chicken, I buy the thin slices breasts. I "marinated" them in a splash of olive oil, half the juice of a lime and a medely of spices, to make it easy- just use a taco seasoning packet. Let it sit while you start the rice. 

I like to brown my rice a bit in olive oil. I'm sure it does nothing to the flavor but I seem to think it does. Anyway, boil your rice like usual... one, two cups, whatever.Add salt. Add water, boil and cover. Once you get to the end and the water is absorbed-- I usually eyeball all of this. Juice a lime, add cilanto, pepper-- ta-da! It's harder to do this because of the cilantro poop shortage. Come one, can't we get cilantro from anywhere else (looking at you Kroger!) I have had to resort to using the Cilantro paste at the grocery store. I really has the same taste, I just would prefer it super fresh. 

Ok, chicken marinating, rice cooking, let's move on to the best part--- the corn salsa! Y'all this is my favorite part and SO, soo good. Make your corn, canned, fresh, frozen... who cares. A cup should do you-- finely dice a red onion, red bell pepper (again, eyeball-- I used about 1/4 an onion and about 1/3 of the pepper), dice a jalapeno, cilantro to your liking-- 1/2 to 1 whole lime, juiced. Salt and pepper to taste and prepare to fall in love. Serious love. 

You could probably start cooking your chicken somewhere in here-- use your grill pan or grill, whatever. I got a good char on each side, don't over cook, let rest and cut! 

Rice, chicken, your favorite salsa, my favorite corn salsa, queso quesadilla cheese (Kroger, why do you NEVER have this?!) and whatever else you like-- that's just my dream burrito bowl. 

I know, I'm bad at giving recipes but just try this-- you will really love it! YUM. OH and my picture does not do the flavor justice. This was actually Brian's second serving when I remembered to take a picture so it's not nearly as pretty as the first! Keep that in mind.  <3


13 August 2015

SO this is my latest project... a giant 3.5 foot yellow jacket. OMG, this is bigger than anything I have taken on. The wood is thick and the cuts are tough. But boy did they end up looking good!! 

On my way home from my trip to Home Depot, noted-- do not go after work on a 100 degree day while wearing a dress. Bless you man who stopped to help me load.  I now have three bruises on my legs. And thank you Brian for the SUV.

Cut and ready to paint! Don't mind me Brian, I just moved everything out of your office and took over. 

Making progress.. and finally spraying to seal! 

I did not stake these for everyone, sorry! I don't know that I'm ready for that ballgame. I can't wait to get a picture from someone in Wynne so I can see it in their yard!!! Happy football season all :) 

because it's adorable, that's why.

11 August 2015

I made this for a friends baby shower over the weekend and I LOVE IT! Turned out sooo cute and I sold two immediately after posting... so everyone loves it ;) You can buy one HERE. Use "IMLOCAL" for local pickup/deliver! 

06 August 2015

How adorable is this new door hanger? My friend Erin custom ordered this last week-- I was a bit nervous when I started but think it turned out adorable!! You can order one HERE! Use "IMLOCAL" for local pick-up or delivery.
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