I'm in a New York State of Mind...

13 April 2015

It's our last day in New York and my very last post. I am so sad it's ending! Even though it ended like two weeks ago :( 

A very Brady sibling day...

10 April 2015

Here's the story of Alex's siblings
She started off with a brother and sister of her own
Until they added, Joshua Hall 
When the youngest one was only 12.

Here's the story, of a man named Brian
Who had a couple brothers of his own,
They were four men, living all together
Probably driving their mother insane. 

Til the one day when Alex met Brian
And they knew that it was love from the start.
So Alex gained a couple more brothers
That's the way they all became the Johnston-Hale-Hall bunch

Happy Sibling Day!!! :) I know, I could probably do better. But I love all these people in this picture more than anything!! My favorite people :) 

Recipe: Ravioli with Asparagus

09 April 2015

Hello and Happy Thursday! I'm here to share this fabulous recipe with you-- Ravioli with Sauteed Asparagus. I was kind of nervous when I ran this one by Brian.. it sounds kind of strange. But I had seen pictures and read the recipe so I knew it sounded so great!  

welcome to new york, it's been waiting for you...

08 April 2015

Hello! And welcome to day 5 in NYC! It appears I didn't take very many pictures on this day... but I'll be sure to fill you in on all the very exciting details... starting with a yummy brunch in Chelsea. 

New York, I love you. XOXO.

06 April 2015

Six seasons of Gossip Girl and I've learned so much about New York and most importantly, I know that the steps of the Met ARE the status symbol of Constance Billard. Did I sit higher than Brian on the steps? Duh. No one sits higher than Queen B.. or Queen A in this case! 

Finally.. Breakfast I like!

While in NYC, we had this amazing brunch at a place near our hotel, Maysville. I learned, New Yorkers are serious about their brunch and unfortunately, we didn't make reservations before we left! I'll tell you more about that meal on the post from the brunch day... but I ordered the granola. So I've started making this at home some mornings and it's sooo good! More calories than I'm use to in the AM but I'm not as hungry for lunch and don't eat nearly as much. I start with some Dannon light and fit yogurt at the bottom, topped with fresh fruit- usually strawberries, blackberries and raspberries and then a dash (or more, let's be honest) of granola. And sometimes a dash of honey. I'm really into THIS mix right now.. so good! Try it! Fresh fruit in the mornings is always a fabu way to start the day. 

I think I'll try defying gravity...

02 April 2015

Hello!!! And welcome to day 3 in NYC!! Can we just mention how cold it was this day? SO COLD!! Oh.. and let's also talk about how we ran into Jackson & Kendall Ratcliff in NYC? Seriously, what are the odds of two El Doradoians being in NYC at the same museum.. at the same exhibit.. at the same time?!  Crazy!  

In New Yorrrrkkkk....

01 April 2015

...concrete jungle where dreams are made of!! I mentioned last post that we just got back from NYC! We had the very best time and I want to share all the exciting things with my million followers, I mean family. 
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