The Perfect Pancake

31 August 2022

This past weekend, Brian tried a new pancake recipe that was fantastic. I don't know that we'll ever be boxed pancake kind of people again after this. We also joined Costco over the weekend and grabbed a big ole handle of maple syrup! This will be on rotation from here on out-- the crisp edges, the fluffy middle-- perfection! 

First Day of School 2022

30 August 2022

Our girls went "back to school" last week and for Kate-- she started "real" school! She entered PreK and is LOVING it!! 

Sweetest Little Weekend at Home

24 August 2022

We had the best little weekend in Little Rock. Each year before school starts, school closes for a few days to reset. We usually end up taking a day or so off to keep the kiddos. This year we reserved Friday for fun with the girls and some friends! 

Artichoke Chicken and Orzo Goodness

22 August 2022

I made this for dinner this past weekend and it was delish! Sign me up for anything with artichokes-- and orzo, always forget that I love that! It looks a little wonky in my picture but I swear to you that was easy, tasty and something you are going to want in your life! 

Kate's Last Day at ECEP

21 August 2022

Kate has attended the Early Childhood Education Program at Trinity Episcopal since she was 10 months old! She's spent 4 years, the majority of her life at this place! It's bittersweet to move on but I know we're all excited about her jump to "real" school!

On The Go End of Year Party

20 August 2022

Emily had her first end of the year party! Thanks to COVID, we haven't had these little fun things in a while! Emily had such a great year with her teachers and friends! God bless Sabrina and Niecey-- they are angels! 

Roasted Tomato Ricotta Pasta with Crispy Prosciutto

19 August 2022

I didn't get a good picture of the finished product because I was too busy killing my bowl. It was so fantastic! That crispy prosciutto was amazing-- it made this whole dish. I absolutely recommend you trying this! 

The very best cookie sandwich :)

18 August 2022

Brian claims that the are THE BEST YET! I had mu doubts and worried a fair amount. I tasted one of the cookies and they weren't that fantastic. I was pretty bummed until I added the icing and OMG.. they were perfection. 

Weekend at the Lake

17 August 2022

We had a nice little weekend at the lake a couple weekends ago. Brian and I got to spend some quality time together during naptime-- we even took the little convertible out for a spin. The kiddos joined us that evening and the next morning-- they had a blast and have come SO FAR in the water this year. 

Kate's End of the Year Party, 2022

16 August 2022

Kate's time at ECEP is coming to a close. It's bittersweet. We've made so many good friends and I'm sad she won't be moving on with the majority of them. They had a fun little going away party a week or so ago-- love these sweet little friends! 

Mushroom Ravioli with Spinach

15 August 2022

It's wild how easy and tasty this dish was. We made one a couple weeks ago that was similar-- it's actually only two posts back. I loaded up on ravioli on my last trader joe's run, stumbled on this new, different version and the rest is delicious history.

Destin Family Vacation 2022

14 August 2022

After three years away, we took a trip to the beach last month with Brian's family. The girls enjoyed the beach and had so much fun with our family. We actually got to see the entire side of one family and it was great being together! 

Chicken Ravioli with Pesto and Veggies

13 August 2022

I cooked a lot a few weekends ago-- and everything was fantastic and bloggable. This one was so delish that we did a variation of it last night and that version/picture is coming so soon! This was easy and packed with flavor. I used my left over sun dried tomatoes from the couscous accident the day prior and anything with a basil pesto is something I absolutely want. 

My kind of "salad."

12 August 2022

Not a salad fan here. But I'll eat couscous "salad" all day long! When I saw this recipe, I knew we needed to make it ASAP. Last weekend we grabbed a rotisserie chicken from Edwards and added this. I loved it! Would def recommend cutting back the amount of couscous unless you are cooking for a crowd. The artichokes and feta were the perfect additions! Make this! 

Thai Basil Beef and Lemongrass Rice Bowls

11 August 2022

I've made plenty of variations of beef rice bowls. This one is my favorite! That lemongrass coconut rice is the bomb. It's so fantastic that I want it with every meal. I was worried it could be overpowering but it was not in the slightest. Perfect meal for any night of the week! 

PreK Registration

10 August 2022

Took my big girl to her new big girl school to register last week. She's excited and I think I'm really excited too.. pause... yes, I am! She was incredibly quiet but I think she's really going to love all the things PreK has to offer. Maybe not the school lunch... 

DIY: You're ex-STRAW Special!

09 August 2022

Freaked out the day of when I realized it was Kate's end of the year party and I had no end of the year gifts. Quick run to Target for these crazy straws. Grabbed an ADORABLE tag from Etsy that I altered from Valentines to ..I'll miss you-- called it a day. XOXO


Spicy Corn and Shishito Salad

08 August 2022

Just prepare to love this. It's so summer in a bowl. It's so fantastic. And light and just really good! We got a ton of fresh corn and I used that-- ready to make this one again! 

4th of July in Pictures

07 August 2022

We had such a wonderful little 4th of July weekend! We had already planned to go to NWA for the holiday weekend and just spent even more time since we were up for my Nonno's funeral. We were able to hit all the family members and spend time with our friends too :) 

Tuna Poke Bowl

06 August 2022

Loved this so much, I've already made it a second time! So fantastic and if you live near a Fresh Market, they have great deals on sushi grade tuna on Sunday! Enjoy! 

Sweet Little Summer Weekend

05 August 2022

I snapped some sweet little pictures of our girls a few weekends ago. Wanted to post them so I can search and remember forever! 
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