Fall Teacher Gifts

16 September 2022

I love putting together little gifts for everyone! Especially my kiddos teachers. I'm always hunting fun little things at Target. I grabbed these little towels a month or so ago. Last week while browsing I found the spatula/cookie cutter combo and knew they would all work perfectly together! I tied them with some black/tab twine and now I just need to create the perfect little tag! Love this! 


Labor Day at the Lake

15 September 2022

We had a fun little Labor Day weekend earlier this month. We made a quick trip down to the lake to visit family and the girls finally, FINALLY love the water! Which makes me so happy!! 

Chicken Adobo, Version 2

14 September 2022

A couple months ago, I picked out a recipe to cook, got all the ingredients and when it was time to cook.. I totally forgot what it was. Couldn't find anything similar and then stumbled on this recipe which would work with my ingredients. It was a happy accidents and I've made it three times since! 

Living Room FLIP

13 September 2022

Version number million of our living room since moving in. Kidding.. kind of. I've blogged (i think) all the pervious versions but have taken forever putting this one together. We actually ordered a new couch in December 2020. It took until May of 2021 to come in. Then the rest of the room was kind of slow to build. Until one day-- it was done! 

Encanto Sisters

01 September 2022

Dying over these silly pictures of these little sisters. They have been planning outfits for Kate's birthday party. Kate needed a flower for her hair and Emmy requested glasses and a bag. Everything came in last weekend and they had a blast playing! 
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