My Birthday at the Lake

25 June 2020

We took a quick trip to the lake for my birthday back in May. We usually always plan to go to Lake DeGray for my birthday but is tends to always rain! We were so back and forth on whether we should go because there was rain in the forecast. I'm so glad we ended up taking the risk because the weather ended up perfect! 

We went down on Friday evening and were able to go on a evening boat ride, I love those! Emily wasn't thrilled but I don't know if I could be either with a massive life jacket cutting off my throat.  She still looks adorable. 

Kate enjoyed it but she got passed around between everyone's lap and arms. Think she loved that part! 

The next day, Brian and I took Kate out on the boat for a few hours. She would not get in the water-- or let us!!-- but she seemed to really enjoy herself. She talked about it SO much after we got home so I think she's coming around to the water. 

Kate really enjoys feeding the ducks. We had to chase them this time and still couldn't get them to eat our food. Talk about disappointed Kate! 

Kate helped Gma make me a birthday cake and had so much fun! Sprinkles AND ice cream made her so happy!! She was so excited to present the cake to me. She's the sweetest!

It was a great weekend with some of my favs people. Let's be honest, any weekend at the lake is generally the best :) 

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