Cocktail: Topo Marg

11 August 2020

Seems like all I'm posting these days is toddler recipes and cocktails. Tis life. This one is super simple and we're probably super late to the game on the Top Chico life but oh well! 

Toddler Recipe: Veggie Pasta

05 August 2020

You can see this pasta has veggies in it but what you can't see is the hidden protein punch this pasta has in it. Those noddles are chickpea noodles! Plus peas and carrots. So I'm considering this one a win. Plus, Emmy eats it and loves it! Win-win! 

Our Bedroom Finally Has Something In It.

04 August 2020

When we moved into our house back in 2016,  Brian always told me how much he liked our room and the "minimalist" look. I just thought this is what a room look likes before any decor is moved in. But after that comment, I didn't really feel the need to focus much on it. 

Bartender BJ: Rum Edition

03 August 2020

When we honeymooned in Jamaica, we became big fans of the Appleton Estates Jamaican Rum. Every time we go to the liquor store and see if we talk about how great it was and the memories attached, and uh.. the jingle we made up about it and still sing. 
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