Snow Day - Kinda

22 February 2023

We had a fake snow day a couple weeks ago, actually it turned out to be like three! I still can't believe nothing even really happened and we were home this long! The girls pranced around the house in hardly any clothing the entire time but looked adorable while doing it. So I snapped some cute ones :)

Gin Cocktail: Empress Q1908

21 February 2023

I finally got a bottle of the purple empress gin and it's just so pretty! Brian put together one of the recipes from the tag that comes on it and it's my fav! The egg white kind of scared me but I now think this is my absolute fav! Try it! 

Herb Crusted Lamb

20 February 2023

A couple weeks ago, I grabbed a rack of lamb chops while at Trader Joes. Had no idea how I was going to cook them but it sounded good. I found this recipe I had saved a little while back. The photo doesn't look amazing but this was a 10/10! Will do over and over and over again! 

Salmon Carpaccio + Crispy Capers

No secret around here that we loved smoked salmon! When I saw this recipe, I knew we had to try it. We've made it twice now.. once without the capers and once with. You def want to go with the crispy capers. Try it! 

Valentine's Day 2023

19 February 2023

Happy Valentine's Day! I can't believe I don't have a single picture of the kiddos together for this day. And the above is the best I got of us. Everyone had fun day and I think this day is right up there with Halloween. Alllll the sweets. 

Cinnabon Copycat :)

01 February 2023

My second attempt at a cinnamon roll recipe was a home run! Really loved these. They were delish! You should try these soon. SO squishy and perfect!
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