Toddler Food - Spinach Pesto "Pizzas"

12 January 2019

I might have mentioned in a post a few days ago how frustrating making lunches for Kate has been. I actually kind of enjoy the meal planning and preparation, it's the watching her refuse the labor of love that is the trying part. 

Christmas Cards, Lights & Garland

11 January 2019

I LOVE receiving all our friends Christmas cards. It one of my favorite things to come home to each evening during the holiday season. I've always struggled with a good way to display them during the month of December.

Baby ISH- 4th Installment

10 January 2019

 10. Soft Fruit Set  |  11. Play Kitchen 

I haven't done one of these in a while. If you've been following along at all, you know these are so fun for me to put together! I figured a new one for my ONE YEAR OLD (plus some!)

Alex's Famous Cornbread

09 January 2019

And by "Alex's" I mean it's a recipe I found online and changed nothing. By "famous" I mean that my husband tells everyone how good it is. And lastly, it's so exceptional that I've never even tasted it. But I promise it's excellent. 

I spent my whole day Saturday making lunches for Kate and all she wanted was a pouch.

08 January 2019

I officially give up. Okay-- not really. We all know I'm going to keep trying but I'm feeling pretty dang defeated. Why? Because my kid is being impossible with food. I KNOW, it's a phase they say. She'll like something one day and hate it the next. It's true and it's stressing me out. Last week she loved green grapes, yesterday... floor. 

Happy Christmas 2018!

06 January 2019

Go ahead and prepare yourself for a picture overload! This is Kate's 2nd Christmas but 1st where she didn't sleep though the majority of it. And it was so much fun! She's a pro at opening presents and putting on a show. 

German Potato Salad

02 January 2019

I'm not that sure that any type of "German" food is really that appeasing to the eye. So pardon me when I post this picture of potato salad, cause it doesn't look like a whole lot. But packed in that salad is potato salad with a delightful little punch. Oh and I threw that parsley on top so quick I didn't even bother with the placement. Oops. 

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