Chimichurri and Mexican Rice

16 May 2022

No secret that we love Mexican around here. And this meal just kind of happened. It was a pleasant, lovely leftover meal surprise.

Homemade Corn Tortillias

12 May 2022

We've been talking about making our own tortillas for years. We have done plenty of research on which tortilla press to buy. We finally did it last weekend!

Teacher Appreciation Baskets

11 May 2022

I always love putting together little gifts and I had so much fun with these baskets. I've been on a basket kick lately! I always like doing a little something for teacher appreciation week but since we're repeating teachers this year, I had to get creative. I usually recycle gifts :) 

Crispy Chicken Katsu Bowls

09 May 2022

I made these bowls a couple weeks ago and really loved it! The chicken was crispy and fun, I loved the edamame touch and the cucumber really set it off for me! It wasn't too hard and packed and interesting punch. 

A Day at the State Capitol

08 May 2022

These sweet girls LOVE the State Capitol. They talk about it all the time, they think mommy works there-- which is probably why they love it so much! And they call it out every time we pass by on the interstate. They have been asking to go in for a while now so we finally did and they loved it. Honestly, I did too. 

Day with Kate

02 May 2022

A few weeks ago, Kate's class has a COVID case and they had to stay out and quarantine. I ended up taking off and we did all sorts of stuff together. As we were driving she asked me if I had my sunglasses on, when I told her yes she responded with, "I put mine on too because I want to be just like you, mom. I want to cook like you, I want to work like you, I want to wear pretty dresses like you. I just want to be just like you, mommy." And it was the sweetest thing in the entire world and I never, ever want to forget it. That's all. XOXO. 


Easter Weekend 2022

01 May 2022

We had a very fun Easter weekend! The girls loved Easter last year so I was really looking forward to it again this year. We tried to pack in lots of events, the weather didn't really cooperate but we made the most of it! 
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