Slow Cooker Chicken al Pastor Tacos

26 November 2019

If you read my NYC FOOD blog post, you know that the Chicken al Pastor tacos at Oxomoco were Brian's favorite bite of our whole trip. Which got me thinking-- should we try to make these or just leave it alone and not make horrible tacos and squash the wonder memories of yum. Obviously I went with the first option or we wouldn't be here. 

Perfect Little Weekend

25 November 2019

This weekend was seriously the best. We had such a great time. I ended up doing something I'm totally against and said I would never do.... we decorated the house for Christmas. I do have a couple reasons for this. 1. Thanksgiving is late this year. 2. We're out of town this week, I go to Boston the next, when the heck would I get it done?! 3. KIDS!!! And ultimately the kids won. Kate is at the age where she realizes what is going on and I wanted her to be able to enjoy the Christmas joy for as long as possible. AND Brian came home Friday and said, "hey, let's go get our tree tomorrow." So that kind of helped. 

Emmy Durl - Month 6

23 November 2019

Emily you are six months! Six whole perfect, precious months with our sweet, adorable, perfect little girl. I don't know how we got so lucky to have such a wonderful, chill baby but we do. And you are the perfect piece to our little family of four. Half of a year with you has been the absolute best. And it's so perfect how the months just keep getting sweeter. 

NYC Trip - The Food

22 November 2019

When we started talking about taking a trip, we both decided that we wanted a more chill trip where we could go to some really nice restaurants, eat good food and not feel like we were "tourists." So naturally, we landed on New York City! And Brian immediately started planning where we would eat. Since food was such a large part of this trip, Brian and I decided it would be best to divide up my posts by food and non-food :) So here... eat your heart out!! 

Halloween Treats for School

21 November 2019

I'll admit-- I really do love making little creative treats for Kate's class. And now that Emily is also going to school, I'm sure I'll be making some for her friends soon. Luckily I can recycle all my old tricks for her ;) 

Halloween + Fall Fun Week

20 November 2019

I'm almost a whole month behind posting about Halloween. Better late than never! The girls had a fun halloween and fall fun week at school. Kate is way more into holidays this year which is so fun.
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