Sweet Little Spiced Tea

15 January 2022

I really wanted to come up with something small and homemade to gift all my coworkers, daycare people, etc and ettccc. One day I was looking for some spiced tea in my house and that's when it hit me, the perfect little thing! 

Christmas with my babes

14 January 2022

We set everything up just like Santa had visited before we left for Wynne. We wanted to come home and the girls to walk into their presents. They were so excited! 

NEW Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

13 January 2022

I was gifted the most delicious chocolate chip cookies from a coworker for Christmas. I asked her for the recipe and they came from Joanna Gaines. The girls love to bake, it was Chrismamtime so I figured.. let's make some cookies! 

Chrismamtime with Family

12 January 2022

The girls LOVED Christmas this year! They had so much fun and I can still just hear Emmy say, "Merry Chrismamtime!" I don't think I will ever forget this adorable little way she said it. She refused to wear any of her holiday themed dresses but loved every minutes of celebrating the season. And this picture of Kate, literal angel child. My heart. 

Really, Really Fantastic Potatoes

11 January 2022

I did not get an after picture because I was so ready to just tear into these guys but dang. These potatoes are heaven on a plate. They were SO good. SO GOOD. 

Burnt Basque Vanilla Cheesecake

10 January 2022

So I finally joined the majority of the world and I got a Kitchen Aid mixer! Brian surprised me with it for Christmas. I guess all this baking I've been attempting got him excited for me to attempt some more! I saw this recipe on my instagram feed a few weeks back and knew it was going to be the first thing I try. 

Christmas Wine Tags

07 January 2022

I made these cute little tags for wine bottles this past Christmas and wanted to share how cute they turned out. I knew I wanted a little something on the bottle but not one of those wine bags. I went through a lot of options and finally landed on this one. I saw some cute options that said "Pairs well with.... Christmas, COVID quarantine, difficult relatives, etc." Click below to download the tag and use it yourself :) 

lazy, happy weekend

03 January 2022

I love when we have free weekends to do absolutely nothing. But then I worry we should be doing something. But then I stop worrying and all the weekend pieces fall right into place. This one was a great one.

Quiche Lorraine

02 January 2022

 Last month I tried my hand at making quiche! I went allll the way and made the crust myself too. It was excellent! We are def adding this to the rotation of breakfast/brunch options. I grabbed the recipe from the NYT: Click Here. It was super easy to follow and execute! XOXO

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