COVID Diaries

30 January 2021

I can't believe it's taken me this long to put this post together. I've had the idea forever, I pulled the pictures together months ago but just haven't sat down and put pen to paper. Or keys to screen.. whatevs. 

DIY: Fireplace Redo

27 January 2021

Are you ready to see a serious transformation? I can't even believe how well this fireplace turned out. I've wanted to redo this since we bought our house. It's always been ugly and I hate when it shows up in the background of pictures. I've tried cleaning and it's never worked. It's just a plain eyesore. 

Toddler Recipe: Sweet Potato Quick Pancakes

We're in that really frustrating/annoying/impossible phase of toddler food where Kate only likes muffins, pancakes, crackers, bread, etc, etc. She never wants anything besides "lunchable" for every single meal. And most of the times she only wants to eat the oreos. I've actually never seen her eat the "chicken." It's frustrating!!!!

Toddler Recipe: Veggie Couscous

26 January 2021

I don't know what it is about pearled couscous that I like so much but I really, really love it. I've been buying the big huge container for a while now but really always forget to make it. A couple weekends ago I noticed that Emmy was out of her pasta supply in the freezer. I was out of my regular noodles so I grabbed this and it did not disappoint! 

Recipe: Latkes are Amazing!

24 January 2021

I KNOW I've been all over this blog talking about "this is the best recipe, ever" but FOR REAL, listen when I say this.... this is the best recipe ever. These were so good. We've had them twice now and they are phenomenal. Why we've waited this long to make this recipe, I have no idea. 

Christmas Day 2020

20 January 2021

Christmas has always been wonderful but it's becoming so much more fun through these adorable kiddos. We celebrated Christmas Eve and morning in El Dorado and then all over again when we made it back to Little Rock in the afternoon. The kids had such a great time and we loved celebrating and watching the magic through their eyes. 

2020 Johnston Family Christmas Card

17 January 2021


The Best Cookie Recipe

16 January 2021

The joke in our family, well really between me and Brian, is that I'm a terrible baker. And I don't believe that I'm actually terrible. I think I don't do much baking and I've messed up a couple things here and there over the years and I HAVE TWO YOUNG CHILDREN. But anyway... I decided I was going to look for opportunity to bake more. And not just random veggie muffins for Kate and Emily. 

Thai Basil Chicken + Broccoli

15 January 2021

Every year we travel on Christmas day and every single year we come home Christmas day to nothing to eat. So we're scrambling to order Chinese, along with the rest of the city. We can never get them to answer the phone. Then we end up eating something that probably had freezer burn that we found in the downstairs fridge. It's terrible. 

A Very COVID Thanksgiving

14 January 2021

We planned to spend Thanksgiving in El Dorado this year. The day before we were scheduled to leave, my parents found out they had been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID. Like many things this year, we quickly changed our plans... and immediately put in a grocery order pickup and (prayed) we would get some of it fulfilled. Partially joking. 

Fall Family Photos 2020

13 January 2021

Really love our family fall photos from this past year. The girls are so beautiful and so fun in this shoot. Their personalities are spot on. I love that we've started doing these each year. They change so fast, I love being able to look back at these. 

Happy Halloween 2020!

12 January 2021

It seems like Halloween was forever ago. And I guess we're more than two months after the day, better late than never. And today's pictures aren't that amazing, since Halloween was much different this year BUT it was the first year we really trick or treated so I have to document. 

ECEP Fall Fun Week

11 January 2021

Now that I'm FINALLY putting this post toegther, I'm realizing I took so many pictures from Fall Fun Week this past year. It's also so much fun to dress these girls up for school and this year, Kate got really excited about it. Her teachers sent us daily pictures the entire week and I LOVED it! 

Halloween School Gifts

10 January 2021


I really loved Kate's little Halloween gift for all her friends this year. I know I say this every single year but I thought this was super cute. 

If you know me at all, you know I love the target dollar section. I found these months before Halloween and bought so many pack of glow bracelets. I knew I would use them for something school related. 

Thai Red Shrimp Curry

02 January 2021

Talk about really, really, really good. This shrimp curry was so good. And I'm the lucky one who got leftovers the next day. It was fantastic!! I'm already excited to make it again. 
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