Toddler Learning Tower

15 July 2020

I am so so SO so slow in putting this post together. I had the materials for this forever. And then I finally built it the day after Christmas last year. We tried it out with Kate and then it was used, unfinished for months. 

 One day, Kate got a little wild and fell off of it. The thing we did not want to happen! So I took the stool downstairs to attach the back rail and paint. I told myself it wasn't going back upstairs until it was completely finished. And new rule enforcement with Kate, of course. 

I had seen learning towers all over instagram. Kate has long been a fan of sitting on our kitchen counter top and helping us cook. But there are so many things to worry about. We moved the knives, she can't get too close to the cook top, what if she moves forward and falls? Then she got too big. We were cramming her head under the cabinet, which she didn't seem to mind, and letting her sit where she could see. I knew we needed something else. 

Kate is so interested in cooking and helping us put everything together. Brian was on board for the learning tower so I got all the materials. I started with the IKEA Bekvam step stool, which is currently not showing up on the website anymore. It was only $19.99 and I figured with a few pieces of wood,  I could put this thing together in a much more cost-effective manner than the ones they were selling online. All clunky and ugly too, IMO. 

Quick snap after I finished building the top part. 

I followed the plans/instructions from this BLOG. I liked that the build was more sleek. I made a couple small edits when building but mostly followed the plans. I didn't end up checking the measurements with our counter tops but it ended up working perfectly! Check yours! 

This is Kate trying out her new "stool" for the first time. She loves it! She's always trying to drag it over when we are cooking. She has to put it in the exact same spot every single time. Right in front of the trash can. She's a big helper and I love that she has more independence while in the kitchen. And we don't have to worry so much that she is going to fall off the counter top. 

However, now that Emmy is in to everything!!!! she tried to climb the stairs and act all dangerous. Sometimes I turn the stairs backwards so she can't climb! 

When I added the back rail, I also added a couple coats of paint to make it even cuter. I couldn't decide what color to paint-- white or light pink. I figured white would get dirty so I went with light pink... which really, will get dirty too. I put a coat of polyurethane on it to keep most dirty at bay. 

I have the cutest little model in the world! ENJOY! XOXO

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