Room Updates: Kate & Emily

24 September 2020

Hello! We've made a few updates to the girls rooms since I last posted so I wanted to make an update post. It's funny how quick the girls grow and they are just took big for some of the things we placed even a few months ago. Personally, I love it because I get an opportunity to switch things around and redesign! 

Trip to NWA

23 September 2020

We had planned to take a trip to northwest Arkansas the weekend all the COVID madness hit. We were going to visit my grandparents, my brother-in-law and our friends Scott and Holly. Then schools closed and everything went mad, so we decided it was best to postpone until April. Well we all know that never happened. 

Labor Day Weekend 2020

22 September 2020

We spent our Labor Day weekend at the lake, relaxing and enjoying some time on the water. The Friday evening we arrived at DeGray, a crazy rainstorm moved in quickly. It left the most beautiful rainbow and chilled air. I love the picture of Emily checking it out above. 

Kate turns THREE!

21 September 2020

My biggest little girl turned THREE last week! While the time has seemed so slow at times, it's also felt like she just joined our family yesterday. She's the sweetest little girl and she keeps us laughing all the time! 

Toddler Recipe: Blueberry Donuts

17 September 2020

If you've been around for even a minute, you've probably learned that my oldest loves to bake with mama! We usually do this on the weekends during little sisters morning nap. Hanging on to that nap as long as we can!! 

Cocktail: Topo Marg

11 August 2020

Seems like all I'm posting these days is toddler recipes and cocktails. Tis life. This one is super simple and we're probably super late to the game on the Top Chico life but oh well! 

Toddler Recipe: Veggie Pasta

05 August 2020

You can see this pasta has veggies in it but what you can't see is the hidden protein punch this pasta has in it. Those noddles are chickpea noodles! Plus peas and carrots. So I'm considering this one a win. Plus, Emmy eats it and loves it! Win-win! 

Our Bedroom Finally Has Something In It.

04 August 2020

When we moved into our house back in 2016,  Brian always told me how much he liked our room and the "minimalist" look. I just thought this is what a room look likes before any decor is moved in. But after that comment, I didn't really feel the need to focus much on it. 

Bartender BJ: Rum Edition

03 August 2020

When we honeymooned in Jamaica, we became big fans of the Appleton Estates Jamaican Rum. Every time we go to the liquor store and see if we talk about how great it was and the memories attached, and uh.. the jingle we made up about it and still sing. 

Toddler Recipe: Butternut Squash Pasta

28 July 2020

Emmy is really loving pasta! Which I've never been able to get Kate to eat. I don't want to keep feeding her mac and cheese or something similar so I've been on the hunt to find/make my own recipes. This is my second shot and she's LOVING it! 
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