Lemon Basil Burrata

24 March 2023

I hope you checked out the balsamic spaghetti recipe I posted a couple days ago. I had some extra burrata left from that dish so I whipped up a quick appetizer and it was really lovely. Super easy, super fresh, light and again.. just lovely! Try it! 

Summer Lovin: Chimichurri Grilled Chicken

23 March 2023

Want to talk about recipes that will be on repeat all summer long?! This one right here! Goodness it was so fresh and mighty. And bright and flavorful! The recipe calls for tomatoes in the couscous but we switched it up. We wanted some grilled veggies so we tossed the tomatoes and asparagus in a grill basket and then added it as a side. Solid decision! 

Balsamic Spaghetti + Burrata

22 March 2023

Man.. this one was a homerun! It was so fantastic!! Plus we made fresh Italian bread and dipping oil. Really exceeded my expectations. Had that balsamic that we love but also a touch of heat. Really, really wonderful and a perfect addition to Italian Sunday!  

Soft & lovely chocolate chip cookies

21 March 2023

New cookie recipe! I've tried so many and this is by far the softest, if that's your style.. try this! Really really fantastic. I ended up making these into cookie sandwiches the next day and they were really just over the top wonderful! 

Kate lost her FIRST tooth!

20 March 2023

Big excitement in our house last week--Kate lost her first tooth! We actually didn't realize one was loose until her dentist appt last month. She's been wiggling it ever since. Brian let her know there would be blood involved so she stopped messing with it so much and it just fell out while at school last week. She was too thrilled! 

Jalapeno Pork + Cilantro Rice

16 March 2023

We made this meal last weekend and it was packed with flavor! We ended up cooking the pork in the cast iron and it had a really great crust. The cilantro rice was really really great. We've made different versions in the past but I think this is the most perfect one and I know I'll make it again! 

I fly like paper, get high like planes

15 March 2023

Unless you went to college in the middle 2000s, you might not love my title here. But it's all I can think about when Brian talks about this drink. His new favorite, a paper plane. Check it out below! 

Better than Boxed Brownies

14 March 2023

I made some really wonderful brownies this weekend! I asked the kiddos (including Brian) if they wanted cookies or brownies and it was unanimous. I wanted to try out this new recipe and it did not disappoint. It was so fantastical and magical! :) 

Wye Mountain Daffodils

13 March 2023

This past weekend we went to Wye Mountain to check out the daffodil festival. We hit it right before it started raining. It was terribly cold and overcast but we still managed to have a good time and get some quality time out of the house. Win! 

Grilled Lamb

12 March 2023

We grabbed these lamb chops at Costco a couple weeks ago and man, they were really wonderful. They were perfectly seasoned, perfectly grilled and just really perfect all around. We served with roasted carrots and a mustard sauce, yum. Try these!! 
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