Girls NEW Room!!

16 May 2024

Welcome to the girls new room! And seriously I need to revisit my photography. I'm remembering how terrible I really am at this! I had a lot of run building this new room for them. We had just redone their room before the tornado, I hadn't even had time to photograph and blog. They had just moved in together and got a bunk bed! We ended up buying a different one this time and I just really love both of them! 

Fall Family Pictures 2024

05 April 2024

Last year we had our family pictures at our house. And I love them so much! For so many reasons. When we lost our home last year, I wanted a painting done of it to keep forever. I didn't have a single picture of the way it was. I immediately wanted to have photos taken in our new space that has become so special to us. I was so happy that our favorite photographer agreed! I also thought it would be so perfect for a cute, "new home for the holidays," or "decking new halls" card. Turns out..  I didn't do either! But I will love and cherish these photos forever! 

King Cake

04 April 2024

Made my first King Cake-- for no other reason than I wanted to try it. It was good. I definitely had some feedback for myself for next year. It still tasted yum and was really simple. And next time I'll plan better and have a baby. I had to steal a little Encanto man from the girls :) 

Super Bowl 2024

03 April 2024

We watched the superbowl with friends this year and the host made these fun koozies! I love that it turned more into a Taylor Swift and Usher watch party than a football game! 

Valentines Day 2024

02 April 2024

Somehow this day has become so fun with kids. They love it! The candy, the parties, the pink! I love how excited they get to have little treats from their friends. And to make special cards for their classes. 

School Valentines for the Girls

01 April 2024

I really love craft projects for the girls. And I really love the ones for Valentines Day! This year I kept it kind of simple but saw this cute idea and loved the little tape. So I made a little card on Canva, ordered bubbles on Amazon and also grabbed this cute little tape assortment! Easy and cute :) 


Brownie cookies

31 March 2024

I just really can't say how wonderful these cookies are and HOW EASY and how delish and how I want to bake them again just looking at them. They are so wonderful. I bet you could do a dusting of powdered sugar and they would be really great as well! 

100 Days of School

30 March 2024

Who knew this was a thing but Kate was super excited about looking like an old lady! And we got the whole outfit, wig, etc, etc and then she didn't really want to look like a full out old lady. So here's where we landed. 

Central Cheer Clinic

29 March 2024

The Central High cheer clinic is a HUGE hit for Kate! She did it last year and loved it so much! Emmy joined this year and was super indifferent about the entire thing. She went through with it but kind of just stood there. The most exciting thing to her was the juice they gave her after... at almost 7pm. :) 

Italian Sunday: Meatballs and Polenta

28 March 2024

OK.. this was amazing. Better than amazing. I love meatballs, Brian does not. He said he would try so I gave it my best go. And I think he's on the way to conversion to meatball liker. 
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