Father’s Day 2024

12 July 2024

Happy Father's Day to our favorite daddy! We had lots of fun celebrating the man who loves us so well! We went to Purple Cow with my family the day before and I snapped some sweet and silly pictures of the girls with Brian :) 

Happy Little Avocado Vase

02 July 2024

This is how you know you've officially become and old lady. I love this thing and it brings me so much happiness and the people who visit our house. I swear it has quite the following! I got this vase for Christmas from Brian and it's seriously taken since almost Christmas to get roots and leaves. We actually moved it this week to a pot with dirt and it's doing terrible. So I just want to remember it this way, haha! 

Here's THE LINK. Try it yourself!! 

Emily Turned FIVE!!

01 July 2024

Our Emmy girl or should I say Emmy baby turned FIVE in May! It's getting to be a stretch to call her my baby. She's growing up and sometimes I really can't believe she's starting kindergarten this year! She did inform me recently that she WILL not be a big kid, she's going to stop getting older at six. Maybe we can just keep her little forever! 

Emily's 5th Birthday Party!

30 June 2024

We had Emily's birthday party last month and she had so much fun! And we loved celebrating our girl with all her friends. She wanted an american girl doll birthday party but I finally talked her into Barbie instead. Which was much easier! I swear she ran the entire time and had the very best day! 

In My Bunco Era: Taylor Themed Bunco Night

29 June 2024

I don't even know how I'm going to summarize how fun "In My Bunco Era" was. It was a blast and I seriously had so much fun planning this bunco night! Love that the group photo has the "lavender haze" lights in the background! Perfect! 

Kate's 1st Year of Dance

27 June 2024

Kate just completed her first year of dance lessons and very first recital! She loved the recital, not so much the dance classes every single week. And don't even talk to her about doing jazz again! Hahah. But seriously, we loved watching her shine. She got on the stage with all the confidence in the world and did such a great job!! And now her and Emmy put on little shows for us in the evenings. It's incredibly sweet. 

Recipe: Mushroom Bourguignon

26 June 2024

Hello fantastic recipe! I was a little apprehensive of this one because it's all mushrooms and I like mushroom, don't love mushrooms but was open to trying this. SO glad that I did! I am so glad we made this, it was really fantastic! And we really loved the polenta. It's definitely going to be in the rotation at our house. And was so easy to make! 

Bowling with the Caldwell Family

25 June 2024

We had such a fun time bowling with the Caldwell family last month! I always love getting these kiddos together. It's so fun to see some of our best friends and all of our kids become little friends. Gosh, so many memories and we're just carrying it on with them too!! 

Recipe: Asparagus with leeks = YUM

24 June 2024

OKAY new recipe time. And I really, really love this one. We've made it like ten times already and we just found it about a month ago. It's delish and super easy! You should really try it. And don't skimp on that mustard sauce. It's divine. 

Trip to Wye Mountain

23 June 2024

Year number two at the Wye Mountain Daffodil festival. The weather was 100x better this year but y'all.. you couldn't pick them! Which is what we loved so much about this place!! We made the best of it, took some pretty pics then went back to town and chowed down on Mexican food! 
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