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31 December 2016

Last December I took a trip to St. Louis with Wendy and Lindsey. We had a blast! So. Much. Fun. And we promised we would do a trip every year around this time. We actually picked opening weekend of deer season, since you know... men. Then life happened and we couldn't get together. We tried nailing down dates so many times and it just never worked! 

When did we get so grown up and always busy?! So imagine my excitement when Lindsey text our group message one day and basically said-Wendy and I are coming Saturday evening and leaving by 7 Sunday morning. What a FUN 12 hours it was! 

We went to dinner at Samantha's Taproom, cocktails at 109 & Co and had the very best time. So much to chat about and catch up on! So thankful for these ladies and their sweet friendships. #BLESSED ;) 

On another note, Happy New Years Eve! We're looking forward to a low key weekend with some of our favorites, Scott and Holly. Happy 2017!! 

Craftin Lately..

30 December 2016

I haven't created too many new things lately-- I'm working on something new but really need to perfect it before posting. Fingers crossed!! Today I'm sharing a couple new fun items :) 

I made these for some of my coworkers Christmas gifts. I bought this metal stamping kit a couple years ago and swore I was going to teach myself how to use it-- and often! Blah. I didn't. I tried this year and the result was OK. Thankfully these coworkers loved them even though I'm not a master yet! 

Custom door hanger for one of most valued customers! Can't wait to do a fun rework of this one with some year round color!  

For my Rodan + Fields consultant and A State fan-- she ordered this custom and I think it turned out so good! 

Custom for one of my MILs friends. So cute!! And actually pretty similar to one I have for myself :) 

Enjoy! XOXO. 

Birthday + Going Away

29 December 2016

Now that I've wrapped up our Europe trip-- what will I post about?! I'm generally not that exciting. I'm slow in blogging some things-- so I'll start with Brian's 31st Birthday and our trip to El Dorado for Mom and Dad's going away party. 

We had a low key celebration for Brian's big day. We went to our normal birthday dinner at Capitol Bar and Grill but decided to try a little something new this year. We walked about the corner to 109 & Co. Cocktail Lounge. 

Excellent cocktails! I've already been back since. 

We left bright and early Saturday morning for El Dorado. I think I've mentioned that my mom and dad are leaving my hometown of El Dorado and moving to Batesville. They have been splitting their time between the two since October but officially move on Jan 1. 

Some of their sweet friends hosted a party last month and it was great! So many friends-- old and new, great food and so much fun catching up. So many of these people have been a huge part of my life. 

Dad dancing with Rosie. He's very subtle with his hints of wanting grand kids. 

 Hey Mr. Jim, your head looks a lot like a pan. 

 Clark, Uncle David, Mom and Aunt Lou Ann 

Hard to keep kids still these days... (so I hear) 

The sweet hosts-- Terry, Angie, Jim, Beth, EJ, Pay, Tim, Liz

Now let's see what Batesville has to offer for the next 36 years ;) 

Thanksgiving in Wynne

28 December 2016

I have one picture from our Thanksgiving in Wynne. That's it.. the best that I could do. Brian in his camo (insert crying face emoji) and me at the Wynne game. I think this was a championship game-- of which they won and went on to the BIG game-- of which they lost. :) 
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