Fresh Veggies + Chicken Escabeche

30 June 2018

Mexican Everyday strikes again! We actually cooked from it twice last weekend and both were SO good. We've made this dish before but used Chicken Breasts... and it was good but not great. We tried again, this time using thighs, and it was a home run! 

Kate Goes to Target

29 June 2018

I'm really worried that my child doesn't like Target. Sure we went twice in one week. And she was probably getting close to hungry when these pictures were taken. And SURE we had been there for almost 45 minutes at this point. The look on that face above isn't a look of enjoying a fun weekly trip to Target. Which mama ENJOYS! 

Homemade Spaghetti + Bread

28 June 2018

I FINALLY converted Brian to an Italian lover. Okay, maybe a liker. We don't eat a whole lot of Italian in our house and he's never been that big of a fan of spaghetti. Mainly because, I've been trying to explain to him, spaghetti sauce doesn't come from a jar. To be good, it's got to be homemade! 

Not All Skincare is Created Equally...

27 June 2018

I've never been that in to my skincare or makeup routine. I use things that work well-ish and call it a day. I've never spent a lot of money and we all know, I love a good sale. 

Kate - 9 Months

26 June 2018

Happy 9 Months to our baby girl! I say this every month but this month was so fun! You are coming alive and have the best little personality. You are such a happy baby and that makes mom and dad so happy! You are the sunshine in our every single day and we love you more than words can say. 

Greek Chickpea Salad

25 June 2018

A couple weeks ago, Brian and I were menu planning.. had just about finished everything up when he asked the dreaded question.. "What's for lunch?" NOOO. I hate this question. I never have good lunch ideas. So we decide on a smoked chicken from the grocery store (that doesn't sound delish but I can use the chicken for Kate too) and then Brian says, "grab a salad." 

Sunday with Kate

24 June 2018

I'm going to do something crazy this week. I'm going to post "Sunday with Kate" this week on an actual Sunday! I know, right. 

Phase 2 - Baby ISH

23 June 2018

7 . Skip Hop Activity Table  |   8. Baby Scooties  |   9. Boogie Wipes 

In a strange way, making these little lists are fun and kind of like a walk down memory lane. By the time I completed the FIRST list, we had already moved on to half of the things on this list. And now that I'm wrapping this list, I'm already making notes of what to put on Phase 3! 

Kate - Month 8

22 June 2018

Happy belated 8 months to our fun, sweet, chatty girl! You are officially in to everything!!! And suddenly our house is the most dangerous place, ever. Okay.. I'm being a little dramatic. But half true ;) 

Spring Weather... on the 1st day of Summer.

21 June 2018

I think the story of this blog (for the past few months) is that I'm late posting... everything. So let's keep with it and post these sweet spring pictures of our girl on the 1st day of Summer! 

Brunch - Breakfast Sandwich

20 June 2018

So we made breakfast sandwiches on Sunday. And they were.. wait for it, really good! Like, really good. Like this whole, throw all the stuff in the meat, mix and cook.. was a really good idea. 

I got this recipe from Chrissy Teigen's cookbook, Cravings. We've made just a few things out of it but everything that we have made, has been exceptionally good. And two of them have been BREAKFAST items. Brian has already requested this again. 

Kate - Month 7

19 June 2018

Happy 7 months to our happy girl! Kate is very interested in her hands this month and it's so sweet! She keeps getting them stuck in her sleeves and hasn't quite figured out how to get them out. 

Lake Weekend with Friends

18 June 2018

I die over this picture. I seriously love it. That face, that suit, that laugh, the hat... sweet baby, stay little!! 

Baby Shower Game + Download

17 June 2018

Last month I helped host a baby shower for one of our friends, Holly. During the planning, she said she didn't want any games but maybe something similar to a game. So I went straight to Pinterest and searched.. and searched.. and searched.. for a non game-game. 

Kate Goes to School

16 June 2018

I snapped these pictures of Kate before she went to school one day this week. She's figured out that she can move her body back and forth and rock in her chair. It's so funny! 

Happy Memorial Day!

15 June 2018

Oh my gracious. I can't even with this picture. I LOVE this picture of our sweet girl. She looks so happy. My how pictures are misleading. She had just stopped screaming because she didn't like her kiddie pool. We finally figured out that it's a temperature thing for her. Pool too cold = bad. Splash day at school = bad. Pool that sat out for 3 hours and it now warm = Perfect! 

Tom Kha Gai

14 June 2018

Want to try something realllllly interesting? This dish is for you! We found this in my Martha Stewart Slow Cooker cookbook. Which I've said before.. is an awesome cookbook! 

Sunday with Kate

13 June 2018

I came up with "Sunday with Kate" and then took a huge break from it! Our sweet baby girl is back! And in her Sunday best. He. He. 

Birthday Weekend in El Dorado

12 June 2018

For my birthday last month, we took a trip to El Dorado. Something we haven't done in a really, really long time! My sisters birthday is just a couple weeks after mine so we thought it would be fun to all get together and celebrate. We don't get to see them as much since they live in Nashville. PLUS this particular weekend was also the food and wine festival in El Do. 

Stairway Update

11 June 2018

If you've followed my blog for a while (like I'm sure there are probably hundreds of you!) then you probably saw my post about our stairway DIY project

He is Risen!

10 June 2018

Happy (really belated) Easter from our family to yours! It's funny the things you will do and/or sing/say to get a baby to smile in a selfie. 

Kate - Month 6

09 June 2018

 Our sweet baby is already 6 months! How and when did this happen? I know I say this every month, but she is so much fun! And each day/month just keeps getting better. 

Kate - Month 5

08 June 2018

Everyone is right! This sweet baby just keeps getting more fun as the days pass on. And what is the other saying..."the days are long but the years (in this case months!) are short!" Amen! This precious little girl is growing up so fast! 

Salsa + Guac = Love

07 June 2018

We've always been huge fans of guacamole... I mean, who isn't? We've also really been in to making our own salsa in the summertime. One summer, Brian made so much homemade salsa.. like, SO MUCH. 

Quick Trip to El Do

06 June 2018

Back in April, Brian went turkey hunting for the weekend so Kate and I took a quick trip to El Dorado to visit my parents. They moved a couple weeks earlier so I was excited to check out the new house and introduce Kate to all things El Do. 

Brunchie - Eggs Benedict

05 June 2018

I'll get around to posting about our first Easter with Kate.. someday... but in the meantime, I wanted to share this recipe. Which you'll also read.. someday.. that we ate for brunch on Easter. 

Trip to NWA

04 June 2018

Oh my gracious! It's so funny looking at these pictures and seeing how different Kate looks! These were taken in mid-April. It's crazy what a difference 1.5 months makes! I. AM. SO. BEHIND.

Lemongrass Chicken

03 June 2018

This has become one of our very favorite meals. It's so fresh, light and flavorful. We've started cooking it more because we've finally found lemongrass in Little Rock! 

Kate Goes to Work

02 June 2018

I love these sweet little pictures of Kate with my coworkers. They are so good to me and ask about our sweet girl all the time. One Friday when I was off we decided to go visit everyone. The picture above and below are Kate with my Admin, Loretta. If you look closely behind Kate, you'll notice that Loretta has a picture of our girl framed on her desk. 

Saturday Sweetness

01 June 2018

Saturday mornings have become one of my favorite things here recently. We're up so much earlier these days but I don't mind when I have this adorable little face to look at. Kate loved this little piano as a small baby and she's enjoyed it now that she's sitting too. We put her on it every Saturday morning, sandwiched right between mom and dad on our couches :)  
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