Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

30 April 2022

If this isn't the sweetest treat for you Saturday morning breakfast adventures. This pancake is my favorite and I'm sure going to be on our constant rotation. We'll probably make them again this weekend. 

DIY: Bunny Treats

29 April 2022

It's no secret around here that I love sending little treats to the girls friends at school. Especially holiday themed! I love this kind of treat and knew I wanted to make an Easter themed one. The girls loved helping and even more, loved eating this! 

Miso-Butter Braised Turnips

28 April 2022

I know I talked about our fantastic turnips in my NOLA post. I was eager to make some of my own when we got home. I couldn't find a recipe similar to the ones we had at Peche but I tracked down this one with miso and wanted to try! We had them a couple weeks ago and they were great! 

Sweet Little Easter Baskets

27 April 2022

I made these fun little Easter baskets for the girls-- inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I thought they were cuter options for egg hunts. I love their baskets that are more traditional but they don't really fit a bunch of eggs and they are always tipping out. 

Whipped Feta = Heaven

26 April 2022

A couple months ago, we met early and grabbed a glass of wine and appetizer at Raduno before the fat Tuesday party at the kids school. We've since been back because we LOVE their whipped feta! I searched for some recipes and found on that I thought was similar. I made this a couple weeks ago and LOVED it! Can't wait to entertain and try this one out with our guests. 

Best of NOLA

24 April 2022

Last weekend we literally ate (and drank) our way through New Orleans. We took a quick little three-night kid less get-a-way and had the very best time. We had excellent local tour guides (Brian's cousin Molly and her husband Christian) and really felt like locals. I'm going to try my very best to recap and provide the very best guide to NOLA. Enjoy!

Easter Dress Shopping

12 April 2022

I always, always LOVED shopping for Easter dresses. It was so special and so fun. And it always took forever to find the perfect white shoes-- or really any white shoes at all. I absolutely enjoyed so much taking my girls to share this. They had so much fun and I already know they are going to love it for years to come. 

Homemade Biscuits

04 April 2022

Last weekend I took another stab at making homemade biscuits. The last ones were good but these were better! I still have a little work to do but the taste was absolutely there. We went all out with homemade honey butter and jam too. It was a big ole breakfast that I'm sure we'll repeat again. 

Spring Weekend in NWA

03 April 2022

We love a good trip to NWA! Last weekend we took a quick trip up to visit family and spend some time with friends. The girls had an absolute blast and the tunnel is still just as exciting as it was the first time! :) 
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