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20 February 2010

Okay, so I gave up facebook for Lent.. tonight I'm bored so here I am! Blogging. I saw this car history thing on Sydneys blog a while back and thought it would be fun so here it goes.... 

First Car..... 1999 Dodge Stratus

I absolutely hated this car! Lauren got it first in like 2000... it was a bank repo. It was practically brand new, no miles on the thing. This isn't the actual car. I google imaged all of these but this is so close to the real deal! We called it the ghetto sled or the ghetto wagon. It had really illegal dark tinted windows and then it had those window guards. We took those off quick. Mine looked the same except had a power cat on the front. This car was a boss, we got like 10 people in it at one time. It saw sooooo many memories. If they wouldn't embaress people I would have to list them all!! Danielle got one just the same, except it was called a plymoth breeze. We had twin cars, except her trunk was filled with about 40 to 50 street cones and magnets from every union county schoool. good times! Anyway, I totaled it my Senior year on Agnes Road. Dangit. 

Car #2... 2000 Infiniti Q45
I inherited this one from my dad after I totaled the dodge. I'd say I faired pretty well. This car was like luxury to a "t" but it was better suited for a 50 year old man than a 17 year old girl who has already wrecked one car. It had 180 on the dash, tempting. It was like a V8 and took the most expensive gas but it was awesome. Somehow I ended up busting one of the speakers and I broke the 6 disc changer in the back... not long after the cd player in the front decided it wouldn't play burnt cds. It had this awesome shade in the back... one touch that puppy was up, blockin out the sun.. pretty awesome. It also had this gorgeous wood grain and a cute little non digital clock. Nice car, but we traded it for the next when I went to college. It was getting some miles on it and dad didn't want me going off to school with an older car. Introducing number 3.... wow, that's a lot for an 18 year old.

Car #3... 2005 Nissan Altima

I got this for graduation I guess you could say. The next week I got mono and was in bed for about 2 months. I just got to look at it! It was soooo sad! When I got it, it only had like 12 miles on it. Dad just said, "you want it?" ummm, of course! they washed it and it was mine! About a month later the Margis' put a spoiler on it for my graduation gift from them. Here's the deal with my dad, he says you can have any car you want as long as it's a nissan and it's a car.. but no maxima. UMMM, what else is there? Anyway, this car was awesome... it stuck with me all though college. Made lots of fun roadtrips... to Arkadelphia every week, sometimes twice, to the spring river... awesome. Beach trips, trips to visit friends... you name it. The best night I remember in ole black was bid night. There were like 7 of us piled in there... I didn't know any of them! I made them listen to Hanson and they LOVED it! We listed to "I Will Come to You!" and then we almost ran out of gas... my car is like blinking 2 miles til empty! Scary. I never had a problem with this car, I even hit a car on Cantrell one day... slammed into it... like seriously hard... it did nothing. You couldn't even tell. The worst thing that happened was I broke like 5 licences plates on this car. No one ever knew who I was cause my plate changed... a lot. Dang garages. She held on tight... 5 long years and only like 75,000 miles. That's good, right? Anyway, she was laid to rest last September when I got t-boned on the highway. You can find that pic farther down. Poor baby, may you rest in peace. 

That brings us to CAR #4... good gracoius!
2009 Altima Coupe

Now this one is fun! Not many memories, yet... but I've always wanted a 2 door car. I love the interior and I have a sunroof again, yay! I got it about mid-September. We haven't gone many places yet but it still smells so brand new, i love that. And it's totally cool cause it's got that push button start and no key. I NEVER have to pull out my keys... it's so high-tech!

There's my history... wasn't that fun. Hopefully we won't add a 5th to the list any time soon!! fingers crossed. Also, I gotta say I'm pretty lucky, I've never had a bad car. I hated the status but it wasn't bad. So thanks mom and dad. I sure do LOVE ya!

xoxo, AH
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