Emily - 11 Months

30 April 2020

Emmy girl-- I can 't believe you will be ONE next month! Time has flown! We've been home together for the past month-- really more. And it's been so fun to watch you grow and learn. And even WALK! You started walking for the first time on April 20th. You tried a few times in the week leading up. You are so confident and precious. 

Chicken Noodle Soup With a Soda on the Side

29 April 2020

There are so many ways to cook chicken noodle soup. And I've tried a handful of them. All have been good BUT this one is the very best. It's a marathon guys but the flavor is so worth it. 

Carne Asada

28 April 2020

Y'all. This was SO GOOD. We've made it about 4 times now and love it a little more each time. I'd include the recipe like I usually do.. but Rick's recipes are super confusing and he includes all this other stuff to make with it AND i'm far too lazy to interpret all of this and type it. SOO... like I've said one million times on here, you need THIS COOKBOOK.

Emmy Johnston - 10 Months

Happy 10 months to our sweet little babe! Emily is the happiest little girl and always smiling or laughing. She won't sit still, ever. I'm shocked she actually sleeps because she's always so BUSY. 

Emily - Month 9

27 April 2020

The older she gets, the more she moves, and the worse our photo shoots go! But she's still just a precious! Even if she won't look at the camera and likes to eat the cards. :)

Emily Rhea - Month 8

08 April 2020

Sweet Emily. You are so full of life and your little personality develops so much more each day. You are so stinking happy and you laugh all. the. time. Eight months have flown by and we are so happy we get to spend our days with you. 

Beef Mustard and Cognac Stew

07 April 2020

We made this dijon mustard and cognac beef stew a couple months ago when it was still cool out. It was so hearty. And beefy. And rich.. and good. It made plenty, so be ready for leftovers!

Grilled Lime Butter Salmon

03 April 2020

We've been very into salmon lately. It helps that there is plenty in the grocery store right now (hello COVID19) not sure why you crazy people aren't eating salmon. But oh well, more for us! We found this recipe a couple weeks ago and it was excellent!

Valentine's for our Friends

02 April 2020

 To follow up with my last Valentine's Day post, I figured I would post the girls little gifts they handed out to their friends. I love putting these together and finding cute little ideas for holiday school treats. Really, really LOVED these this year! 

Best Babes - Valentine's Day 2020

01 April 2020

The girls did not care to participate in posed pictures... story of my life right now. But I was able to grab a couple when they got home school. It's a miracle that no one pooped (looking at you Emily!) on their clothes. Allllll that to say, these BEST BABES had a really Happy Valentines! 
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