Happy 1st Birthday, Emmy!!

26 June 2020

Happy FIRST birthday to our sweet Emily!! Pre-COVID, I planned to have Emily a sunshine themed 1st Birthday (it seemed very fitting!) but had to table that idea until the world gets back to normal again. We did not miss the opportunity to celebrate our favorite one year old. We celebrated at home with lots of fun and funfetti! 

We started the morning by the whole family busting in Emily's room singing "Happy Birthday!" She loved it. I got the sweetest video of her clapping and smiling along with us. She is the happiest baby when she wakes up. I hope that never changes. 

I lined her bedroom door with these fun little streamers. By the end of the day, the girls had pulled them all down and had spread the little flowers all around the house. 

Tried to get a 12 month photo session in but I didn't get much cooperation. I don't even know what happened to the little card we use each month?! 

Tried to bribe with books and it kind of worked :) 

I love how sister always has to join in by the end but neither one of them ever look at the camera. Just lots of reading and kisses. Guess you can't beat that :) 

We had our big celebration at dinner. We ordered yummy food (mostly for us) and rounded up the meal with cake and singing. We facetimed in both sets of grandparents to sing and blow out candles. A very quarantined birthday it was!  

I've mentioned that we found out that Emily has an egg allergy. It was a couple weeks before her birthday, so I decided I would make her birthday cake. I found all sorts of recipes and nervously prepared to make the cake. I grabbed a boxed funfetti mix to make the rest of us cupcakes. To my very pleasant surprise, there is an egg-free option printed on the box. Go Pillsbury! I should have rally figured this out on my own but I'm still learning. I have learned to always keep applesauce and greek yogurt stocked! 

Emily loved the cake. I even tasted some and it was excellent! 

We had the best celebration with our girl. Big birthday celebration or not-- she's loved and we make sure she knows that constantly. She's one of our greatest gifts. XOXO

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