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02 February 2020

Welcome to New York! We had such a great long weekend in NYC a couple months ago. This was our first trip sans babies and it was a lot of fun hanging out together. Our trip was way more relaxing than the last trip we took to the big city. I already posted my blog on all the amazing food we ate and now I'm back to talk about everything else. 

We left Little Rock on the early 5am flight-- shout out to my dad for driving us to the airport that early! I only cried once when I hugged and kissed my babies goodbye. We made it to NYC by 11:30 AM but it took it forever to get into the city. The traffic was horrible and I guess our hotel wasn't super accessible. We jumped out of the cab before it even made it to our hotel, dropped our bags and headed out. 

We stayed in a really great location this time. We were close to everything. We grabbed a hot dog from a street cart and headed to Central Park. Did I mention it was freezing?! They actually predicted snow for the day we arrived. Still very happy that didn't happen. We spent a lot of time in the park. Thinking we missed peak leaves by about a week but it was still so pretty. 

Across the water below they were filming a scene from a Stephen King movie. No idea what it was, we didn't see anyone famous! 

After walking through the park, we went back to our hotel to get ready for dinner and the Opera. If you want the deets on our awesome meal, check out my NYC FOOD POST. We ate at Le Grenouille before the Opera and it was amazing. Not just the meal but the experience. 

We finished with plenty of time so we walked to the Metropolitan Opera House. It was so cold. Looking back, we decided we should have taken a cab. We were seriously freezing. Snapped this mirror selfie before we left for the Opera. 

And zoomed in some more-- one more snap for good measure. 

It was so pretty. Luckily Brian grabbed some pictures of the outside and inside. I love the chandeliers, seen below. It was gorgeous! 

Our seats were not the best but it was still really neat. We saw Akhnaten on opening night which was pretty cool. We'd like to go back someday... and get better seats. 

The next morning, we got up and had breakfast at Russ and Daughters. And it was amazing. I'll definitely go back there, too. And then we started walking... we took a break and facetimed the girls in Washington Square Park. It was a really pretty day but really, really cold! 

On our way to dinner on this night, we walked through Rockefeller Plaza to see them putting up the Christmas tree. It was so crazy large. What's wild is that we saw them putting it up at the beginning of November and they didn't light it until early December. Tells you how much time this takes! 

We traveled over to Brooklyn to eat dinner at Oxomoco and if you read my food blog, you'll know that it was our very favorite. Every single thing about that meal was amazing! Thinking about it now, so many months later and I still want to go back for more! 

After dinner, we walked across the street to this little bar and grabbed some drinks. We planned to go to the Jazz Club but had some time to waste so we landed here. It was pretty neat, we hung out and chatted for a while then headed back to the city to enjoy some jazz. 

Not so fast- the show sold out about 6 people ahead of us. It went so quick. So we grabbed tickets for the MIDNIGHT set and waited some more. I think we actually went for wine and caffeine. 

And the wait was well worth it. Brian said this was one of his top things on our trip and he would be back every single trip we took. It was really neat. The room was so small and intimate. The music was great, we actually stayed for two sets. We haven't stayed up this late in SO LONG. 

The next morning we grabbed breakfast and headed to the Whitney Museum. A lot of the exhibits/floors were actually closed. So we looked around some and then went and walked the high-line. 

After the museum, we went to check out Chelsea Market. We grabbed lunch here and it was so neat! So unexpected. We could not decide what to eat, finally picked a meat place and got sandwiches. SO GOOD. 

After lunch, in typical Brian & Alex fashion, we found our way back to Central Park and walked for a while, then decided we needed a nap. The ground was actually way too cold and a little wet so we decided to take turns napping on a park bench, laying in each others lap. That didn't work. And it was SO COLD. So back to walking we went. We grabbed coffee and headed to see the Lion King on Broadway! 

Neither one of us had seen The Lion King and tbh, I wasn't that excited. But let me just say- this show FAR exceeded my expectations. It was so good. The quality and performance was so amazing! I would go back! I would take Kate and Emily as soon as they are old enough. 

Our final dinner in the city was at Cote Korean Steakhouse. It was so delish. We took our time walking back to our hotel, checking the sites-- grabbed the picture below. We had talked about grabbing drinks with our friends George and Carole-- who were in town too-- but we knew they were eating a later dinner. So we went back to the room to decide what we were going to do in the meantime. And probably to facetime our kiddos. 

Well... we fell asleep. We got a text from George to meet and decided.. YOLO. Got out of bed, dressed again and walked to their hotel for drinks. It was a great last night, spent with good conversation and laughs with friends. 

The next morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel and checked out some last minute sights. We went to the Strand Bookstore, luckily it was a quiet day and wasn't nearly as wild as the last time we tried to check it out. We planned to stop by Eataly and grab lunch before catching our flight. This is the same thing we did last time we were in NYC. However, the food stations weren't open yet and we were worried about leaving enough time to make it to the airport. Since it took us so long to get to the city when we arrived. We grabbed some meat trays, packed them in our backpack and took off to the airport. 

It was a really great trip. Packed with good food, sights, relaxing and spending lots of quality time with my favorite person. XOXO

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