It's Kate's Birthday!

18 October 2019

Kate got really excited about her birthday and it was so much fun. Actually-- she's still really excited about her birthday! She insists on looking at pictures of "Kate's birthday" like all the time. It's so fun to watch our baby grow and learn so much! 

Sunday with the Girls

13 October 2019

I guess we need to update the Sunday post! Now we have two sweet girlies! And they are so precious. Sunday's are so sweet. Although pictures are a little hard to come by-- big sister isn't quite sure how to sit still! :) Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! XOXO

Emily - 3 Months

10 October 2019

Happy three full months of our precious Emmie girl! Or as Kate says, Emmie durl. Which melts my heart every. single. time. These two girls make life so sweet. 

Kate's Big Girl Room

04 August 2019

I feel like I have been working on this room for ages! I guess since we found out that I was pregnant with Emily. Which has almost been a year ago. Wow! But anyway-- it's done! F. I. N. I. S. H. E. D. and I love it! And I'm about 99.9% sure that Kate loves it too! 

Vinegar Chicken - Trust Me.

03 August 2019

When Brian told me that he was cooking "Vinegar Chicken" I was a little worried. It sounds funny and doesn't really make you want to eat it. But I trusted him because he's never lead me astray.. and I am SO GLAD I did. This was delish. So. Good. 

Emily's Nursery

01 August 2019

When I found out that we were having another girl, I immediately started dreaming up what her room would look like. Who are we kidding? Even before we found out, I was planning boy and girl options. I love decorating rooms in our home and even more than that- I love dreaming about decorating rooms! 

Emily - Month 2

31 July 2019

Oh my sweet Emmie-girl! You are growing up so fast and you are so, so sweet. You are the most precious little girl and we love you so much! You've changed so much during the past month and it's so fun watching you grow. 

DIY Toddler Floor Bed

30 July 2019

Hello! So I did something really fun when I was 32 weeks pregnant. I built a floor bed for my little girl. With help from my dad, we built the most adorable bed that Kate loves! And I'm super proud of us! 

Emily - 1 Month

20 July 2019

Emily, or "Emmie" as she's referred to by her big sister, is one month old! The month seems like it flew by and also seemed like it creeped by. Regardless, this little lady has brough so much to our lives and she's so super sweet. When she's not screaming her head off! 

Smoothie Bowl

19 July 2019

While browsing recipes a couple weeks ago, I saved a couple for smoothies. I've never been much of a smoothie fan, I prefer to eat my calories, but now that I don't really have time to sit down and eat, this appealed to me. 

Homemade Pickles

17 July 2019

For the last few years, our friends Laura and Stephen have been making the most incredible pickles. They grow their own cucumbers and then make pickles! We are always begging to take some home when we visit. They are crisp and delish, exactly what you want in a pickle. They even started making some hot ones which Brian loves. 

4th of July

13 July 2019

Happy 4th of July! Nothing says summer like bright red toddler cheeks and popsicles. Right?! Our 4th started off by attending the July 4th parade at Kate's school. Her class made these t-shirts to wear and Kate's little pigtail braids were adorable. 

Greek Chicken - Sheet Pan Recipe

12 July 2019

I have really come to love Skinnytaste's sheet pan meals. They are usually pretty quick, easy and use minimal kitchen ish! The one above has been a favorite in our house for a few years. Especially when you work full time and have two young kids to take care of! 

Kate Strikes a Pose

11 July 2019

Kate has never really let me take pictures of her. It's like she sees the camera and runs away or turns her head or rips out her bow. You know, something to make taking pictures very difficult. In the past 6 months they have been really hard to take. She never looks at the camera.. much less smiles. 

Emily Rhea Johnston

10 July 2019

We had another baby! Surprise! Our sweet Emily Rhea was born on May 22nd-- she actually came one day before planned and threw me for a bit of a loop. 

He is Risen!

09 July 2019

Happy REALLY LATE Easter!! I've been missing from my blog for a really long time. Looks like my last post was in late March. And here I am.. in JULY back! 

Sunday with Kate

30 March 2019

It's been so long since I've posted a Sunday with Kate. Mainly because she won't sit still long enough for a picture. Which... she really didn't in these. But I just can't resist to post but she's just so stinkin adorable. 

Toddler Food - Fruit + Veggie Mini Pancakes

28 March 2019

In my latest installment of Everything-Kate-Eats-Is-A-Carb... I bring you fruit + veggie(ish) mini pancakes. Like so many of my other recipes this color, these were super easy and quick to make. And they get a YUMMMMMY from Kate. 

Spring Porch Refresh

27 March 2019

I am totally on board with this whole layered doormat trend. As soon as I saw a picture online, I knew I had to find the perfect mat for our front porch. I actually got an email from Target the day after saying they had 25% off outdoor rugs.. and BAM! 

I tried taking a picture to send to my mom and my sweet little helper jumped int he frame. Armed with both bibs that HAD to come with us in the car. And she matched :) So sweet. 

Italian Sunday - Veal Picatta

26 March 2019

We're still going strong on our newly enacted Italian Sunday! Except this particular week we actually fixed this meal on Saturday. 

Italian Sunday-- Spicy Sausage Rigatoni

14 March 2019

Yummy yummy yummmiiiee! As Kate would say. We had this last Sunday and it was so delish. It was seriously, so good. Brian can really put on a show when he wants to and this particular night, he had my cooking ego so inflated ;) 

Vietnamese Grilled Lemongrass Pork

13 March 2019

 It's no secret around here that we are big fans of Lemongrass Chicken. We've had it a handful of times and love it every single time! A few weeks ago, while watching Top Chef, Brian mentioned trying lemongrass pork. Cue searching for a recipe! 

Homemade Oatmeal + Fruit

12 March 2019

Ya'll.. this is my new favorite thing. I love oats but I haven't been able to eat oatmeal for a long time. I'm not sure why, maybe it's just the kind of instant oatmeal that we've been buying? Brian eats 2 packets a morning, like clockwork. Since we've been together. I don't know how!! 

Italian Sunday - Beef Ragu with Pappardelle

11 March 2019

I'll be the first to admit that my photography skills aren't great. I also don't know that Italian dishes always photograph the best. Now that we've got that out of the way, here I am with another "Italian Sunday" recipe. Since we've done this for 3 weeks now... I guess it really is a thing! 

Avocado Toast with Blistered Tomatoes

08 March 2019

I've blogged about our love for avocado toast before, so when I saw this recipe. I knew we had to try it. I've been super careful with eggs since I've been pregnant so I thought this might be a new way to incorporate it back into our brunch routine. Plus... jazz it up a notch! 

Apple + Whole Wheat Toddler Mini Muffins

07 March 2019

Hello! And welcome-- today I have another toddler recipe for you. I actually stumbled upon this one when I woke up last Saturday AM. It popped up in an email from Pinterest, "inspired by your pins." I love how everything I do sends me emails based on my browsing history. But I'm glad I clicked on this one! Usually I just swipe and delete. 

Southern Sunday Fried Chicken

06 March 2019

Brian has become quite the fan of making fried chicken. We've come to an agreement that he's allowed to take this on, IF it's within one week of our house keepers next visit :) Cause let's be honest.. this makes a mess!! The first time we ever did it... and I'm saying WE... I watched. HE burned a hot oil hole in the kitchen rug. It scared me to death and I'm so glad it wasn't his leg. Let's just say...we move the kitchen rug out of the way these days. And he's basically a pro now ;) 

Carb lovers UNITE!

04 March 2019

Hello! I have so many good, new recipes to share over the next week or so. And I'm super excited about the one today. I love bread. I'm one of those, "never-met-a-card-I-didn't-love" people. So when we eat Italian, bread is always on the menu. And since we've enacted "Italian Sunday," lots of bread is on the menu! 

Italian Beef Bolognese

26 February 2019

It appears that "Italian Sunday" is becoming a thing around our house. We just so happened to have another Italian dish this past Sunday and we both loved it! Cue a super fast google of delish Italian recipes..... 

DIY Wall Mount Bookshelf + Free Plans

23 February 2019

So... a couple weekends ago, I built a bookshelf for Kate's new room. I'll start off by saying, I don't think I really thought it through before it just happened. I looked high and low for the perfect shelving for her room. 

Birthday Gift - Special Keepsake

20 February 2019

I love a good reason to make a handmade gift. I made a flip book for Brian on our 1st (paper) Anniversary called, "100 Reasons Why I Love You!" It was made from index cards and random photos and bound together with string. Wasn't my proudest project but the sentiment was the goal. 

Kate's Kitchen - IKEA Hack

19 February 2019

Y'all. I can not say enough good things about this kitchen. It's been so fun for ME and Kate :). I honestly can't believe it's taken me this long to blog this adorable little thing. It was actually a birthday gift for our girl back in September! I bought it about a month before so I would have plenty of time to renovate it and get it looking precious! 

Valentine's Day Treats

14 February 2019

Happy Valentine's Day! I started working -slash that- thinking about treats for Kate's class well in advance. I had a plan but in true Alex fashion, I waited til the very last minute to put these guys together. But I'm in love with the end result. :)

Gnocchi With Pomodoro Sauce

11 February 2019

I really hate to make you jealous by posting this picture first-- okay, actually I do want to make you jealous. That's WHY I'm posting this awesomeness that we had for dinner over the weekend. I've made this once before but loosely followed the recipe. This time, I followed every (almost) single bit and the outcome was so amazing. 

Toddler Food - Spinach Pesto "Pizzas"

12 January 2019

I might have mentioned in a post a few days ago how frustrating making lunches for Kate has been. I actually kind of enjoy the meal planning and preparation, it's the watching her refuse the labor of love that is the trying part. 

Christmas Cards, Lights & Garland

11 January 2019

I LOVE receiving all our friends Christmas cards. It one of my favorite things to come home to each evening during the holiday season. I've always struggled with a good way to display them during the month of December.

Baby ISH- 4th Installment

10 January 2019

 10. Soft Fruit Set  |  11. Play Kitchen 

I haven't done one of these in a while. If you've been following along at all, you know these are so fun for me to put together! I figured a new one for my ONE YEAR OLD (plus some!)

Alex's Famous Cornbread

09 January 2019

And by "Alex's" I mean it's a recipe I found online and changed nothing. By "famous" I mean that my husband tells everyone how good it is. And lastly, it's so exceptional that I've never even tasted it. But I promise it's excellent. 

I spent my whole day Saturday making lunches for Kate and all she wanted was a pouch.

08 January 2019

I officially give up. Okay-- not really. We all know I'm going to keep trying but I'm feeling pretty dang defeated. Why? Because my kid is being impossible with food. I KNOW, it's a phase they say. She'll like something one day and hate it the next. It's true and it's stressing me out. Last week she loved green grapes, yesterday... floor. 

Happy Christmas 2018!

06 January 2019

Go ahead and prepare yourself for a picture overload! This is Kate's 2nd Christmas but 1st where she didn't sleep though the majority of it. And it was so much fun! She's a pro at opening presents and putting on a show. 

German Potato Salad

02 January 2019

I'm not that sure that any type of "German" food is really that appeasing to the eye. So pardon me when I post this picture of potato salad, cause it doesn't look like a whole lot. But packed in that salad is potato salad with a delightful little punch. Oh and I threw that parsley on top so quick I didn't even bother with the placement. Oops. 

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