Emily - Month 5

25 October 2019

First of all, these months are confusing! Emmie just turned 5 months old on the 22nd but I'm making my "Month 5" post. I've written this down to check myself a millon times but I feel like I'm ahead. Whatever, she's precious so let's talk about Em. She's growing so big and so fast! I can see all the little things she's learning each day. She's dying to sit up! And she's grabbing everything in sight. She's so fun and so easy going! She proves that a little more each month. 

Fried Chicken + Champagne. Yeah, I said that.

24 October 2019

Did you know that fried chicken and champagne pair well together? No? Me either. Brian read this somewhere, I think during all his research on what to serve with what. He tends to research a lot of things and I always reap the benefits! 

Fabulous Fall Weekends

23 October 2019

I love this time of the year! It's seriously the best. This post is a little late but we had a jam-packed fall weekend a couple weeks ago. We started out at the most perfect fall birthday party for one of Kate's friends. 

Emily - 4 Months

22 October 2019

Hello precious baby! Four months have flown by and we have loved watching you grow and start to develop your personality this month. You are constantly smiling and I can't get enough. Could literally eat you up. 

Weekend Shenanigans

21 October 2019

I can't tell you how much I love this picture of the girls! We always go out to eat on Friday nights. It's always been our thing. We've been taking a break and ordering take-out or delivery since Emily was born. But this Friday we actually decided to cook. I was cooking dinner and hear laughter, Brian tells me to look and I turn around to this! 

Kate is allll about Emily wearing sunglasses. And I think they look so funny yet adorable. With the addition of the fire hat.. priceless! I'm so glad my phone was near :) sweet, sweet babes!! 

Table for Two - IKEA Hack

20 October 2019

One solid year ago I ordered this IKEA table for Kate. I intended to paint it and make it adorable. But ya know, life happened and it sat unpainted but put together for months! Kate had lots of fun with it, standing in the chairs, climbing underneath it to hide and eating many, many meals here. 

It's Kate's Birthday!

18 October 2019

Kate got really excited about her birthday and it was so much fun. Actually-- she's still really excited about her birthday! She insists on looking at pictures of "Kate's birthday" like all the time. It's so fun to watch our baby grow and learn so much! 

Sunday with the Girls

13 October 2019

I guess we need to update the Sunday post! Now we have two sweet girlies! And they are so precious. Sunday's are so sweet. Although pictures are a little hard to come by-- big sister isn't quite sure how to sit still! :) Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! XOXO

Emily - 3 Months

10 October 2019

Happy three full months of our precious Emmie girl! Or as Kate says, Emmie durl. Which melts my heart every. single. time. These two girls make life so sweet. 

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