Emily's Baptism

03 February 2020

We baptized our sweet, precious Emily Rhea on the second Sunday of January. It was such a wonderful day shared with family and friends. We love this little girl to the moon and back!! 

We've been attending the early service probably since Kate was born. We figured since we're up by 6 each morning, might as well go ahead and get up and dressed :) 

So when we baptized Emmy, we did it at the early service. Which means all our sweet family members who joined us really are special people! To travel to Little Rock and share in this special day, really meant a lot to us. 

My mother in law grabbed these pictures during Emily's baptism. She was so happy. She was even laugh/cackling during the whole thing! She's seriously the happiest baby. 

Brian was holding Kate and said whenever they put the water on Emily's head, Kate started tensing up and clutching him. Like she was next and she wasn't going down without a fight! Haha. 

We sponsored the flowers this Sunday in honor of Emily's baptism. They turned out so pretty! 

One day we'll have a family picture where everyone is looking, smiling and no one is chewing fingers. One day. 

Sweet Emily, you are loved more than you will ever know. We are so blessed to be your parents and you are the perfect addition to our family. Jeremiah 1:5. 

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