Christmas in Wynne 2019

01 February 2020

I'm back with Christmas Part II. We left El Dorado, stopped in Little Rock for about 15 minutes to drop, pick-up, re-pack and head out. We had a blast in Wynne with Brian's whole family. We ate lots of good food and had some quality time together. 

The girls continued to excel at Christmas here, too. Haha. The picture below is Kate at Lucy's house making cookies. Erin and Jared are really talented when it comes to their cookies. I was highly impressed! Kate didn't even wait for the icing.. 

We took a trip out to Village Creek State Park. Kate loved the leaves and hanging out with cousin Kai. Emily just enjoyed walking around and cuddling with Papaw. 

I die over that sweet hand on Kai's leg. 

Kate loves helping everyone open their presents. 

Emily got Kate an accordion for Christmas. She wasn't very sure about it but enjoyed watching daddy play "Baby Shark" with it. 

Precious little kiddos. I got these Christmas PJs for the kids. Kate has worn this pattern PJs every single Christmas Eve. So we included Emily and Kai on the fun. Love these sweet babes.  I really wish you could hold down and watch the LIVE of these. They are so funny! 

Kate was so excited to set out carrots and cookies for Santa and his reindeer. She told us a million times who they were for. She tried eating Santa's cookie too. 

Christmas morning hugs!! 

Emily was back at it. Ripping open bags and tearing into her presents. It was so fun to watch her attack these presents! 

 It was so nice to spend a week relaxing and spending time with our family and sweet little girls. They make everything so wonderful!! XOXO

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