Emily - 12 Months

23 June 2020

Emily is ONE!! I can't believe her first year has flown by so fast, yet so slow, yet so stinkin fast. This baby girl is so precious and sweet. And so happy. I was flipping back through pictures of her first year and was so amazed at how happy she was in almost all of them! She has been a joy and SO fun to watch grow. 

Emily LOVES her sister and LOVES playing with Kate and doing every single thing she does. It's so fun to watch her mimic everything big sister does. I love when they love on each other. One day they were playing downstairs and Emmy ran over to Kate and kissed her on the mouth. It was the sweetest!!  

She's so loved by everyone! I don't think Emily will ever have problems making friends. I love this picture of Emily with Lucy and Kate at the lake. She's two years younger than Lucy but played with these girls like they were the same age. 

I think we ended the weekend with Emmy and Lucy being pretty good buds! 

Emmy is really into giving kisses these days and they are so sweet. She's in to everything and keeping up with her sister in the mess-making category. She's so curious and loves stacking and hiding things. She walks all over the place and has started running some. She quick and so silly! 

Loves the rocking chair and climbing in and out of everything! As shown by the following pictures :) 

She doesn't care the chair says, "Kate" because she's taken it over as her own. 

She won't stay still for a picture but she'll smile at you all day long! 

She's a mamas girl and I can't say that I mind it. She refuses rocking but if she wakes early she's all about cuddling. She insists on laying in wild positions so it's impossible for ME to sleep. I'll miss it someday so I'll soak it all in right now. Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby face. 

Emmy's first movie. It lasted about five minutes. 

Doesn't everyone wear their apron as an "Elsa cape?"

Emmy girl. I always say this but you are perfect and precious. You are so full of life and laughter. You are sunny and so special. You laugh all the time and love your family. You give sweet kisses and you love to sit in our laps to read books. Speaking of books, you love them and you will make us read the same book to you ten times in a row. You pull out our hands, place the book in it, and get very angry if we don't start reading! 

You are doing so much better with food and dropped your bottle completely. We are SO PROUD of you and so blessed to be your parents. Can't wait to watch you in the next 12 months, sweet baby girl!! 

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