Homemade Chicken Caesar Salad

11 February 2020

We started making homemade caesar dressing a few months back and now we can't stop. It's so good. And the salad just makes the perfect, delicious meal. I finally watched Brian every step of the way so I could blog the recipe. Usually I'm in the chicken cook so I never really knew what was going on! We even took step-by-step pictures. 

Emily - Month 7

06 February 2020

I'm going to count this as a major mom win-- especially with the 2nd baby-- but this is the first (and only) month I didn't take Emily's monthly picture. I just forgot on the 22nd. And then remembered on the 24th and planned to take it and then I forgot again. So instead this month, your preview picture is going to be the one above of our sweet little girls face, in her adorable little kitty hat. I seriously love this picture of our babe. 

Emily's Baptism

03 February 2020

We baptized our sweet, precious Emily Rhea on the second Sunday of January. It was such a wonderful day shared with family and friends. We love this little girl to the moon and back!! 

New York - The Things

02 February 2020

Welcome to New York! We had such a great long weekend in NYC a couple months ago. This was our first trip sans babies and it was a lot of fun hanging out together. Our trip was way more relaxing than the last trip we took to the big city. I already posted my blog on all the amazing food we ate and now I'm back to talk about everything else. 

Christmas in Wynne 2019

01 February 2020

I'm back with Christmas Part II. We left El Dorado, stopped in Little Rock for about 15 minutes to drop, pick-up, re-pack and head out. We had a blast in Wynne with Brian's whole family. We ate lots of good food and had some quality time together. 

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