Emily - Month 9

27 April 2020

The older she gets, the more she moves, and the worse our photo shoots go! But she's still just a precious! Even if she won't look at the camera and likes to eat the cards. :)

Emmy's 9th month was a little more difficult as she got hit with another ear infection. These things are seriously the worst. This one was a double and it was a whammy! 

But still, the month had lots of fun and exciting moments. You are crawling all over the place and pulling up everywhere you can. You are busy and I think we're going to be exhausted trying to keep up with you! 

You sat in your first "big girl" high chair and you looked adorable doing it. You don't care to sit still. You want to move all the time. I think we're in that phase of cramming food down our throats before your limit expires! You usually end up in our laps by the end of a meal. 

You want to be everywhere your sister is. You love her! Y'all play so well together and are my favorite little things. 

Walks are so fun. You sit in your stroller and just watch the world.. and sister. You are always so happy! And smiling. And perfect. 

You've found yourself in the mirror and it's so adorable watching you give yourself kisses and chat. You've also started giving mommy kisses on the cheek and I melt! 

I stopped in to check on you at school one day since your ears were hurting so bad. Found you like this. Just stayed and stared for a while. You are so precious and sweet and those lips.. they are beautiful! 

Daddy went to pick up sister early one day and take her to the children's library. She insisted that you go and cried until daddy went to your room too. It was the sweetest. And I think daddy enjoyed an outing with his little girls. 

You are so busy! You are still sleeping all night, with the exception of waking with ear pain here and there, and you still loooove your milk. Don't even try to give you purees. You don't want anything to do with real food. 

All of your pants are far too short. You are so long and your feet are starting to stretch. Your laugh is the sweetest and you love, love, love picture flap books. You got your first 2 teeth on Valentine's Day and you look adorable with them! You make mommy, daddy and sister so happy. We love you so much!! 

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