Brunch at 101

31 December 2017

Brian and I started making brunch every single weekend before Kate. It kind of became our Sunday routine. Go to church, make brunch, nap. Now that we're figuring out a schedule and getting into the groove with Kate we're getting back to some of our old favs. 

Like Eggs Benedict. And now that I'm not prego, I don't have to worry about under-cooked eggs, mimosas and hollandaise sauce. I actually just snapped this picture because I thought the table looked pretty. I have no recipe to share. But if you want the recipe for the hollandiase, I'm sure I could get Brian to guest blog ;) 

Babies, Babies, Babies

30 December 2017

A couple weeks ago I had some girlfriends over for Friendsgiving/Friendsmas. Our group has grown by so much just this year!! I'm so glad we grabbed a picture of our sweet little ones. Getting Reed to sit still long enough for a photo proved difficult. Most of my pictures I have half of him. The live photos are so fun!! 

Chicken Adobo

29 December 2017

Ya'll. This chicken is so yum. It's so. so. good. We've really been setting the bar high on chicken recipes lately! You will for sure want to try this one. 

Kate - Month 2

28 December 2017

Same Kate, same. This is usually how I feel about getting my picture taken. Since Kate looks exactly like her daddy, I will say she got this from me. Except Brian probably hates pictures more than both of us combined! But that's not what this post is about. It's about Kate's 2nd month!!

Kate's 1st Month

27 December 2017

This sweet girl cooperated perfectly for 1 month old pictures! She even threw her hands in the air to celebrate! I love this little picture of Kate. That outfit was so soft and sweet. She looks so good in pale pink. And the blanket she's laying on was Brian's when he was a baby. I love this picture! 

Favorite Baby Ish

16 December 2017

I had no idea how much STUFF you needed for a baby. I read article after article about the "essentials" and so. many. blog. posts. about what you don't need. Truth be told, I just now know what I need months later. And I've decided, it's different for everyone. Baby brands and items are purely a personal (or baby) preference. 

What I did know.. I didn't want a million things flooding my house that essentially do the same thing. So I focused my research and energy into only getting a few things. And this post is where I landed. I put together a couple lists of the things I'm so glad we have and then some of my favorite brands for the things you absolutely have to have! Who knew I would have a favorite kind of burp cloth.. I always though they were crated equally ;) 

Warning: this has turned into one very long, yet very informative post. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

15 December 2017

Happy belated Thanksgiving from this little turkey! 

Thai Fried Riced Cauliflower

14 December 2017

We took a weekend trip to Oxford, MS in October to visit David and for the guys to go to the Arkansas/Ole Miss game. I stayed home with Kate and just happened to stumble upon a cooking show called, "The Kitchen."

I had never seen it because pre-baby I wasn't much of a TV watcher. Now after 3 months home- I've watched and insane amount of the Food Network and HGTV. Love you Property Brothers! Flip or Flop ATL = <3. 

Hello, my name is Kate Johnston

13 December 2017

Kate Alexandra Johnston
September 16, 2017 
8 lbs 8 oz   |  20.5 inches |  12:52 a.m.


13 September 2017

Back in early July I posted a flipagram for our 6th Anniversary. I know dating anniversaries don't count but I don't really care. :) It was fun to go back and look at the last 6 years worth of pictures. 

The sweetest room, ever.

11 September 2017

When we started talking about having a baby, I think I had more thoughts about the nursery than anything else. I have a secret board on pinterest that I had been saving ideas for --I can't believe I'm admitting this-- years! 

So when we found out on January 6th that we were expecting (first I was shocked and excited) and secondly, I started browsing pinterest again. 

My favorite- homemade pumpkin bread

10 September 2017

I've always loved pumpkin bread. I don't just want it in the fall, I want it all the time. My mom always made it homemade for me but as I've moved out on my own, I skimp and use the boxed mix most of the time. Eeek! I even bought this perfect bread pan about 3 years ago to make this bread in. Sad to admit, this is the first time I've actually used it. 

BBQ Shrimp for the WIN!

09 September 2017

I know I've talked about Paul Prudhomme on here a number of times and today I'm back with one of my favorite recipes!

In July we went to the beach with my family. Brian and I split up the trip to make it a little easier on my swollen feet and such-- so we made it early and decided to make an appetizer to welcome everyone :) 

Babies Everywhere!

08 September 2017

We finally got to meet baby Madalyn last week. I say we, Brian got to meet her the day she was born! He happened to be in Wynne and swung by the hospital in Forrest City on his way home. I was a touch jealous but finally got my turn. Wendy and Daniel were in town for an appointment last week and brought Baby J's little friend over to see us. We even go to try out some of our baby stuff with her. What a fun time we're going to have with all these sweet little best friends :) 

Showers for our sweet girl :)

06 September 2017

What a fun July it was for baby Johnston! We had 3 wonderful showers and got to spend lots of time with our friends and family :)

Skinnytaste Beef + Broccoli

22 June 2017

If you follow my blog at all, you know I'm a huge fan of Skinnytaste. I've bought both of the cookbooks (HERE and HERE) and I'm a regular on her blog. Well plus I follow her on snap, facebook and instagram..... 

Brian was highly skeptical at first, with the name Skinny Taste, he feared everything would be bland and far too healthy to be tasty. He comments all the time how much flavor each dish has! Which just goes to show how much seasoning can make a dish.

Mike's Cafe

21 June 2017

Last month, Brian took me to lunch at a place he found one day when I was traveling for work. I remember him sending me snaps and going on about how great it was. I was dying for him to go back-- and take me this time! It's a Vietnamese and Chinese place called Mike's Cafe on Asher Ave. in Little Rock. I had the chicken pho and it was amazing!! Look at all that awesome freshness in front of us :). I think Brian had the beef-- but I really can't remember. Everything on the menu looked amazing and I can't wait to go back and try more! Check it out! 

Trip to D.C.

20 June 2017

A couple weeks ago I went to Washington D.C. for my final Delta Leadership Institute Executive Academy session. The academy actually ends with graduation in Kentucky in August but since I'll be 36 weeks pregnant then, we think it's best for me to stay close to home, my doctor and my hospital :) 

It's a......

15 June 2017

GIRL! :) 

My coworker Jennifer made me promise to only tell her the gender once we found out because she wanted to do something special at work. Well the next day I came in to THIS! I sure wish I would have cleaned up my office the day before. 

Korean Grilled Chicken LOVE.

14 June 2017

I can't even put into words how much I love this meal! For 6 years-- SIX-- I've tried to get my husband to eat Asian food with me. He will not do it. And then one day, something clicked. He loves it now. He even got on amazon and ordered THIS COOKBOOK

Memorial Day

13 June 2017

I took ONE picture during our Memorial Day weekend at the lake. Snapped this one during our sunset cruise. Don't let the fact that there is no driver and the boat is moving bother you ;) One of my favorite things is going out on the boat in the evening. The water is always so calm and the sky is so pretty! 

Graduation and NWA

03 June 2017

We went to Fayetteville a few weeks back for my brother-in-laws college graduation. Congratulations DALLAS!!! He is now a master mechanical engineer. I added the "master" part myself. :) 

New House, New Living Room

22 April 2017

 I know I've talked about our new home on my blog before but I haven't posted just a whole lot about it. I'm the kind of person who has to have everything perfect at all times and I can't wait.. for anything. So moving is always a struggle for me. I want the boxes unpacked before I go to bed, everything in it's place and to (naturally) look amazing. If I need a piece of furniture, I better find it on my first trip, at the first store I land at. 

Sunday Brunch

21 April 2017

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I've never been a big breakfast person. I really don't want any part of it and if I do, I'm highly particular about what I want. Well in my goal to become a better person, I've been making myself eat breakfast for the past couple months. It still hasn't grown on me but something that has-- is brunch! 

Brian and I have started cooking a big post church brunch each week and I feel like this is something I can get behind. Especially since it's always later than noon. We worked really hard to master eggs benedict and I'm not bragging but we have basically perfected it. 

Brian has been working on his omelette skills and I think it's safe to say, again, he's perfected it! This day he made omelettes filled with prosciutto. Y'ALL so good.  I don't really know what else he used, tarragon and topped with parsley.. it was simple yet so tasty. 

Since this picture (don't you like how fancy I am with snapchat screen grabs?!) we found this amazing ham at fresh market and have made it a couple times with biscuits and gravy.... WOW! So good. I will have to share that one soon :) 


Welcome to the World Sweet GF!

20 April 2017

My friend Whitney had her second child, a girl, Adlee Kate on April 4th. She's adorable and looks just like her older sister, Hayden. In my opinion :) You are so loved little girl and I can't wait to watch you grow! xoxo

Babies + Spring = New Etsy

19 April 2017

I love springtime! I especially love all the new colors that spring brings. I've always loved the little hydrangea + mason jar door hanger (see original HERE) and last month I got a little custom spin on this girl. Sarah requested yellow flowers and one with a gray jar. I'm not currently selling on Etsy, so I won't link there but if you are interested in this design or any others, shoot me an EMAIL. I am accepting local orders. 

Helllllo NOLA

26 February 2017

Last month I had to go to New Orleans for a leadership group that I'm part of. Do you notice how I start the post off with the food?! O.M.G. So much good food! L-R- BBQ Shrimp and Grits, Cream Brulee, and the Veal Annunciation. All perfectly delicious.  

Stair Renovation WIN!

25 February 2017

Raise your hand if you think this is hideous?! WHY? Why would anyone do this? At least pick out a better carpet, a runner even. I don't understand something this ugly. 

Viva Las Vegas!

23 February 2017

I'm a little late in blogging our trip to Vegas last month! This was our attempt at a selfie with the pretty ceiling at Caesars Palace. I never said I was a good photographer :) 

little girls are the best!

22 January 2017

I don't know that I can find the words to express how much I love this little door hanger! An old friend text me before Christmas and asked for me to make this for her little girl. I saw on facebook last night that Madison entered this world on Thursday night so I figured it was safe to post :) 

I just love the colors, the flowers, the gold... everything! Thank you, Leslie, for letting me make this adorable welcome sign for your sweet little girl. 

Crafts I forgot to share....

07 January 2017

 This custom order was made for a couple who was retiring to the lake. I feel this should be my parents some day soon... or later. 

Happy 2017!!

06 January 2017

We celebrated 2017 with the Lars this year-- our 2nd consecutive year!  I think we've started ourselves a tradition.

Christmas 4 and 5 and done....

05 January 2017

We went to El Dorado for Christmas this year-- which I assume will be our last El Dorado Christmas. It wasn't sad but a little different. I have loved attending Christmas Eve Church at St. Mary's my entire life and hope this one tradition Brian and I will carry out each year. Obviously not at St. Mary's but at our church. It's beautiful and calm and the perfect start to Christmas Day. 

Oh Charleston, How I love thee.

04 January 2017

 I was fortunate to get to visit Charleston at the beginning of November for a work training-- part of the groups I take part in hosted their annual conference right here!! (Above) 

Christmas 1, 2 and 3

03 January 2017

 We spent the weekend before Christmas in Conway to celebrate with the Middlekauff/Johnston/Thompson clan. We ate great food, lookin at you Holly's and had a super fun time on this crazy scavenger hunt Uncle Todd put together. I'm really not one to brag or boast but my team won. By leaps and bounds. Probably finished 30 minutes before the losers. We basically were perfect. 

Happiness in a bowl

02 January 2017

Happiness in a bowl... obviously I'm talking about Chicken and Dumplings. I use to tell people, if I had to pick one last meal on this earth, it would be chicken and dumplings, a cucumber (let's be honest, maybe 2) and some chocolate crinkle cookies. I understand these DO NOT go together but my point is, I LOVE dumplings!!! 

When we were in college Tara's mom would make them for us and they are some of the best I've ever had. One wonderful day, she gave me the recipe and the rest is history. I crave these things in the fall and winter but I haven't made them in a really long time. 

So last month I found out a place semi-close to our office serves them HOMEMADE!!! But only on Wednesday. So we waited.. until a free Wednesday and then BAM!!! And guess what? All. You. Can. Eat. I'll be back!! And this is my fellow dumpling loving coworker and friend, Jennifer-->


01 January 2017

Scrolling any social media site, I see no one liked 2016. Everything is negative and while I do believe 2016 had some low points *ahem* election season.. for the most part, I loved 2016 and had some pretty incredible times. 

 I like this instagram #2016bestnine thing because it represents some pretty amazing memories! Although it only represents August-December.. I still love it! 

So let's recap the year-- not for you-- for me ;) hehe, jk.. kind of. But for real I do reference this blog for things often. 

I made a lot of door hangers, a lot. I hate the really cold winter months, they are sad and boring. So my crafting kicks in high gear. It snowed once or maybe twice in January and we celebrated Megan's 30th birthday at the horse races! 

We dusted off the Paul Prudhomme cookbook and went crazy! Cajun all the time. We watched the Superbowl with friends in Conway and were introduced to this amazingly fun app where you can distort your face and look like a cow, it's called snapchat and I'm addicted. And in late February, I was appointed to the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Board. 

March g
Another 30th! We celebrated a super fun birthday with Lindsey in Memphis and wrapped up the month with Easter in Wynne. I think we also took a lot of naps this month. 

I decided I was going to have a green thumb. So I bought things, planted them, watered some and quickly watched them die. Better luck next year? We visited friends and family in NWA, I pushed out a ton of door hangers and became obsessed with warping my face in to other people on snapchat. Brian also went turkey hunting for the first time and killed his first turkey within 30 minutes of arriving! 

I turned 30!! In an act to not age, I taught myself new tricks with my jigsaw and enjoyed getting to work outside again, finally! I also fell in love with a new man, his name is Tom Collins and he is so divine. AND on the work side of life, I hosted my 4th Arkansas Rural Development Conference and it was a success. 

We celebrated Therese for the month of June and I loved it! She had the most fun, pretty bachelorette party in Branson and a super cool wedding in Little Rock. 

July 4th was spent in Rogers at the Lars- we had a last! But pretty much every free weekend from July to September was later spent at the lake. I tried a new breakfast recipe, avocado toast, and our lives changed forever. I also ordered our Europe supplies this month and started making trial runs-- ie. backpacks, packing cubes, everything miniature. 

WE WENT TO EUROPE AND HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIVES AND I CAN'T PUT IN WORDS HOW MUCH I LOVED AND ENJOYED IT BUT IF YOU WANT TO READ ALL ABOUT IT, I BLOGGED IT. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Oh and my parents decided they were going to move to Batesville after 36 years in El Dorado. That's not weird. 

We bought a house! Spent time at the lake, went to see the Dixie Chicks (it wasn't good), Showered baby Hayes Collier and his mama and daddy, I took an amazing carpentry class when I learned so much!, and we celebrated 2 years of wedded bliss. 

Moving day! The rest of the month was basically spent shopping, decorating, missing work for disastrous comcast/att appointments, and unhealthily stalking antique stores on facebook/craigslist/world wide web/in store/basically anywhere I could find anything. I also went to the 1st State Fair since I went to that beautiful 98 degrees concert in middle school AND I got accepted to the Delta Leadership Institute and attended my first session in St. Louis. 

The first week was spent in Charleston. I fell in love. I worked on a lot of home projects, painted SO much, took on my largest order to date-- man cave signs for a wedding party of 9!, and I was honored to take part in one of my oldest friends weddings in El Dorado. We also attended my parents going away party in El Do which was more fun than sad, Brian turned 31!!!, we started and burned our very first fire in the new house and celebrated a great Thanksgiving in Wynne. So much travel for one month! I was home less than away. 

We hosted so many friends this month and I love that! I spent a week in Memphis for DLI, took some time off work, Brian suffered his first basketball injury and we had a million Christmases. I loved each one and I'm so thankful we have family who 1. want to hang out with us and 2. make time to get together this time of year! In less than a week we saw almost every single family member. Heart happy. 

So there you go-- 2016 wasn't horrible.  I left out any low part cause I'm really not for remembering those. Your up 2017-- show us what you've got! 

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