Back 2 School 2020

26 September 2020

When I say "Back to School," it feels kind of funny because we really didn't have a summer off. Daycare world is more like 3 days off and then new class. But regardless, it coincides with the start of school for school-aged kids soooooo let's do it. 
I love days like this when Brian and I both take the kids. These family moments are the best. We have to walk in a new way now and it's seriously so nice, the scenery is great. Trinity does a great job of keeping up the grounds :) 

This is the best shot I got of the girls together. I tried! Love those happy faces. 

Kate is so against looking at the camera these days. But I'll take what I can get. She's so stinkin cute. 

Emily's teacher this year is the same one we had for Kate two years ago. Which HAPPY!! She text me this picture during the first week back. This babe loves books! 

First time sleeping on a cot and seems to have rocked it!! She looks so grown. 

Kate walking into her new room for the first time. She was so curious and watched all her friends from the window! 

Working with play dough on the first week. I can just hear her saying "cheese!!"

Sweet baby face but looking so grown up!

My heart almost exploded when Kate's teachers sent me this picture! Smiling AND looking at the camera. Oh my goodness!! 

Same for this one! One of Emmy's teachers text this to me and I immediately saved it as my phone wallpaper. This girls smile is infectious. 

These pics are really a collection from the first week back. And I love them so much! I am so glad that our girls are thriving in their school. They both seem to love it so much and I LOVE getting updates from their teachers. 

Emily had a little harder of a transition but her teachers report great improvements! This school has been so great and a blessing to all of us. XOXO 


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