Cocktail: Blackberry Bramble

30 June 2020

I'm a big fan of gin.. and blackberries... and Lost Forty's Blackberry Bramble beer. So rewind to a couple weeks ago when I was flipping through our handy BAR BOOK to find a new recipe. I saw one in the gin section called "Bramble." Which caught my eye. 

I started getting everything ready, only to find out that we had no gin. Or blackberries. Or limes. So never mind. I made sure to include all of the above (except gin) in our last grocery pick-up to prepare. And I wasn't disappointed! This cocktail is light and refreshing and so fun for summer. I'm not one for sugary drinks and this one does not feel like too much. The original recipe calls for a blackberry liqueur but I've never used that. I've edited the whole recipe to make it basically a gin and tonic with muddled blackberries.

4-5 fresh blackberries
1 lime
1 tsp sugar or simple syrup
club soda or tonic water

In a chilled glass, muddle 4-5 blackberries, juice of 1 lime, and (optional) 1 tsp of sugar or simple syrup. Depending on which mixer I use, I don't always do this. If I use tonic water, I throw a splash of simple syrup or sugar. If I use club soda, I use the recommended amount. 

Add ice to the glass, 2 oz of gin, and fill with tonic water or club soda. Stir and it gets really pretty! Enjoy! XOXO

*vintage decanter from antique store, muddler and decanter tags from local design store

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