Valentine's for our Friends

02 April 2020

 To follow up with my last Valentine's Day post, I figured I would post the girls little gifts they handed out to their friends. I love putting these together and finding cute little ideas for holiday school treats. Really, really LOVED these this year! 

I went with slap bracelets for Kate's class. I used to love slap bracelets so I figured it was a fun time to introduce these into Kate's life. Also I saw this free printable and thought it was so cute! I ordered the bracelets on Amazon, which included A TON, hello gifts for everything! I printed them on card stock and then cut. The most difficult was cutting the little slots to thread the bracelet through. I thought they turned out really adorable. 

I liked Emily's too since these little babes are all teething! I found little heart and shape teethers on amazon and attached them to the little cards I created. I can't figure out how to made it an editable document so sorry, no download on this one. But it was easy-- you can do it!! 

Little silly holidays are so much more fun with kiddos! XOXO

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