Room Updates: Kate & Emily

24 September 2020

Hello! We've made a few updates to the girls rooms since I last posted so I wanted to make an update post. It's funny how quick the girls grow and they are just took big for some of the things we placed even a few months ago. Personally, I love it because I get an opportunity to switch things around and redesign! 

We ordered this NUGGET COUCH for Kate's room last year. I'm so glad we did then because I've heard you can't get your hands on one this year. I actually read that people are selling them for $1,000 bucks online! 

We used this thing non stop while we were all at home earlier this year. It took over the downstairs playroom and served as a house, stage, gym mat.. you name it! While it was downstairs, Kate started reading nightly in our room. When we moved it back up, she was not interested in moving back to her room. But I noticed that Emily was very obsessed with the couch! 

Once we moved her daybed out, I moved the nugget in. And she loves it! And It makes me all kinds of happy to come in here and see her reading on it :) 

I also snagged this adorable little BOOK BIN table from Target. I had to stalk it realllly hard because it has not stayed in stock for longer than 3 minutes. I finally go one, hung the CLOUD LIGHT from Kate's room and this adorable RAINBOW LIGHT for some extra light. 

Kate's room got a small makeover when we moved the nugget out. I ordered this tent for Emily's room but Kate was the one who ended up playing with it the most. So it was a no-brainer to move it in her room. 

Now my favorite thing is laying in it with her each night, after she's covered up my legs with her tiny little blanket and then I read her hugs. It's the perfect little end to my day. 

Tent  |   Lion Round Rug  


 And really I made all these adjustments a couple months ago.. so you know I'm itching to do something else soon! Stay tuned!! XOXO

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